We set high standards for our company and work everyday to achieve them.

Our management team is proud to play a part in touching the lives of thousands of patients and their families each year. At HealthPRO Heritage, we truly believe that caring is not just a job, but a calling. Here's how each of our leaders use their passion to make a difference.

John Heller • Chief Executive Officer
I empower people to achieve their higher calling.

Paul Shaw • President
I can make a difference in the lives of those we have the privilege of serving.

Jim Rogerson • Chief Operating Officer
I serve and help others who are in need.

John Morris • Chief Operating Partner
I project for success.

Al Eads • Executive Vice President
I help create a company culture that will make a difference in the lives of those that work with us and to those we have the privilege to treat and care for each day.

Crista Stark • Chief Strategy & Development Officer
I help create opportunities for growth and change for the businesses we serve, the people we treat and those who are part of our team.

Alissa Vertes • Chief Compliance Officer
I empower people to think outside the square and take a step forward.

Sheila Schanck • Chief Information Officer
I make our ideas become what we do.

Jim Spencer • Chief Financial Officer
I provide assistance and guidance for all stakeholders to ensure great outcomes for all.

Hilary Forman • Chief Clinical Strategies Officer
I empower others to step out of their comfort zone. The rewards are always worth it!

Meghan Donahue • Senior Vice President of Human Resources
I care for those who care for others.

Tom Guild • Chief Counsel
I help others help others.