HealthPRO® Heritage is passionately committed to helping the fight against Alzheimer's Disease 

November is Alzheimer's Awareness Month. As a large national therapy & consulting company, HealthPRO® Heritage is ideally-positioned and committing to Three Pillars of Purpose to: EDUCATE + ENGAGE + ADVOCATE in collaboration with a wide audience of senior living communities, long-term care facilities, caregivers, and families to help raise awareness and truly fight the good fight.

YOU are invited to contribute + participate in the many exciting upcoming initiatives.

HealthPRO® Heritage's 2020 Mission:
Be a light in the lives forever changed by Alzheimer's

HealthPRO® Heritage's 2020 Pledge:
Three pillars of purpose with a focus on individual abilities & strengths


Serve as a trusted resource for families, caregivers, facility teams & local communities

Therapeutic solutions
to assist with cognitive
& physical tasks

Certified specialists with expert guidance, insights

Tools & training for therapists


Advocate for a paradigm shift that fosters abilities (vs. disabilities)

Strategies that celebrate strengths

Recommendations to promote engagement & participation

Tangible, evidence-based solutions that are purposeful
& meaningful for enhancing
care & quality of life

Ageless Abilities captures proactive, therapeutic approach


We are a committed, powerful
voice to promote awareness

Advocate for training & advanced certifications for therapists

Support funding & the advancement
of evidence-based treatments

Participate in professional associations

Partner with & promote Alzheimer's Association resources + 24/7 helpline

Education & Prevention

The Strategy Academy: Multiple podcasts focused on Alzheimer's treatment

  • Ageless Abilities & Tips for Approaching Residents/Patients with Dementia  with Justin Williams
  • Strategies for Effective Communication & Successful Treatments with Residents/Patients with Dementia with Kendal Gipson
  • Caregiver Education: The Key to Comprehensive Dementia Care with Jessica Clodfelter

The Discovery Series + Health Literacy Resources: Access multiple Discovery Series/Health Literacy Alzheimer's related topics for November events and initiatives in BOX folder titled "Alzheimer's Awareness Month Discovery Series/Health Literacy" available here: Discovery Series and Health Literacy for Alzheimer's Awareness Month

The PROReport: Encourage facility/community staff, clinicians, family members, etc. to tune in for this special edition of HealthPRO® Heritage's 30-minute bi-monthly webinar series with a special guest from Alzheimer's Association to air October 13. Justin Williams to host.


Ageless Abilities Engagement Boxes: Uniquely-designed resource kits that contain a task for "occupation" that offers a purposeful + meaningful activity that serves to engage & stimulate residents/patients. Engagement Boxes are easily-accessible so caregivers can quickly facilities.

  • Create your version of an activity box and submit a picture and description to Education for a company-wide contest. See details below regarding the contest.
  • To see how to create and set up your box, please review the presentation/resources found by clicking the link: Ageless Abilities Engagement Boxes

Celebrate Success! Showcase achievements & progress during therapy by sharing inspiring Success Stories! Use a testimonial, highlight a special accomplishment, and/or share outcome measures to illustrate. Remember: No achievements are too small to celebrate, and it's important to recognize all the smaller steps towards progress for residents living with Alzheimer's/dementia. Please complete Alzheimer's/Dementia Success Stories using the special template available here: Alzheimer's Success Stories An example of a success story is included. Please continue to submit (now through November) to Justin Williams:

Advocacy & Awareness

Alzheimer's Walks: Join the HealthPRO® Heritage Team! HealthPRO® Heritage staff can get involved within their own regions with the Alzheimer's Association's Walk to End Alzheimer's. This is our opportunity to raise funds + raise awareness! Stay tuned with more information about how to join a team and contribute. Link: Walk to End Alz-Join/Start a Team!

Request for team captains: HealthPRO® Heritage is seeking champions in all departments and service lines to serve as team captains for the Walk to End Alzheimer's teams. Team captains will serve as a liaison to recruit members, fundraise, champion advocacy and education initiatives, and help lead HPH's initiative to Walk to End Alzheimer's this fall. Take action and volunteer by September 12!

This year, walks are EVERYWHERE! There are over 600+ walks all around the country. Join HealthPRO® Heritage as a team captain and start a team in your area today! The more teams the merrier.

Most walks take place throughout October and in to early November. The team captain can be anyone with a passion and desire to help advocate with HealthPRO® Heritage for this amazing cause. You WILL have support! Team Captains will join a training with the Alzheimer's Association for step-by-step instructions on how to lead your team!

Alzheimer's Awareness Month T-Shirts Advocate and show awareness by wearing a newly designed HealthPRO® Heritage Alzheimer's Awareness T-Shirt! Shirts are $17 and may be ordered by completing the Smart Sheet Order Form here: T-Shirt Order! First order will be placed on 9/21!   Proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association. Order yours today!

If you'd just like to donate, click here!

Two Contests. Team Prizes. For a Great Cause!

Get competitive + creative for a great cause! Winners of the following two contests will be announced during the last week of November. Team prizes will be awarded!

Ageless Abilities Engagement Boxes Contest: Submit pictures & descriptions of uniquely designed box(es) to by Friday, November 13 to be shared via social media and entered into the contest to be selected as most original/most effective Engagement Box.

Team Photos Contest: Submit photos of your team in their t-shirts/with posters + a paragraph RE: your team's engagement in Alzheimer's Awareness Month to by Friday, November 20 to be shared via social media and entered into the contest to be selected as most engaged/most spirited team.

Our dedicated therapists - who make a meaningful difference for those patients, families and fellow IDT staff who are impacted by Alzheimer's disease - know that hope still glimmers in the darkest hour. Together we must continue to educate, engage and advocate for those we serve with Alzheimer's disease, and take pride in our work and the contributions we make every, single day! HealthPRO® Heritage: Keep fighting the good fight + Be a light in the lives forever changed by Alzheimer's!

For a printable copy of our Alzheimer's Awareness Month Flyer, click here!