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A Three-Pronged Strategy for Senior Living Organizations

As senior living providers rally back from the impact of the pandemic, providers are faced with occupancy challenges and increasing acuity. RISE Senior Living delivers innovative, comprehensive support to help senior housing operators and care teams to drive fiscal, operational, and clinical success via a unique “3-pronged approach.” 
Benefits to Senior Living Operators/Owners
  • Consolidated outcomes reporting (linked with ROI) and transparent ‘Work Plans’
  • Consistent communication with ‘Quarterly Strategy Meetings’
  • Customized technology solutions
  • Strategy leadership support
  • Pilot studies for ALOS, falls, tech solutions, and more
Benefits to Clinical Care Teams
  • Programming & outcomes for fall prevention, memory care, transitional care, and more!
  • Risk mitigation
  • Mitigate attrition with "move-out management" resources
  • Comprehensive and customized wellness solutions
  • Decreased burden on community staff
Benefits to Admissions and Sales/Marketing Teams
  • Contribute to and participate in marketing initiatives
  • Customized marketing materials
  • White-label branding or co-branding
  • Market analytics
  • Showcase rehab and wellness outcomes
As a national provider, RISE Senior Living currently partners with ~450 senior living communities in 43 states. Learn more about how our team of expert operators, clinicians & consultants can support key priorities in 2022 & beyond!