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Advantages of Outsourcing Therapy for Home Health Agencies

As home health agencies work to implement strategies to provide quality patient care while also reaching operational success, many agencies are outsourcing all or a portion of therapy services to a trusted partner.

For many home health agencies, outsourcing therapy to an expert has brought the relief and expertise needed, due to the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of PDGM, including PPE requirements and sourcing concerns, increased costs, staffing and productivity challenges, increased clinical complexity, and revenue cycle challenges.

In addition, home health agencies have found the following advantages of outsourcing therapy:

  1. Profitability Improvements
  2. Optimized Performance
  3. Coverage Support + Caseload Growth
  4. National Resources Access
  5. Removing the Responsibility of Managing Therapists

HealthPRO Heritage understands the changing complexity of the home health industry while providing highly skilled clinicians who are passionate in helping patients accomplish their individualized goals.

Read our white paper, “5 Advantages of Outsourcing Therapy + 5 Resources to Expect from a Partner” to learn more about what outsourcing can offer your home health agency.


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