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At the Intersection of RUGS IV and PDPM: A Crosswalk Worth Asking About

Introducing the “PDPM Crosswalk” from HealthPRO® Heritage!

HealthPRO® Heritage has built a tool to help SNFs understand their very own financial future post-PDPM. 

Question Worth Asking: What is the first step in preparing for PDPM?

Answer: Understand the projected impact and areas of risk and opportunity so you can kick off a strategic plan to prepare and engage the additional support you need. If your facility is not in the CMS projection file, or you want to look at a more current data source, consider engaging an expert to Crosswalk your current MDS data to PDPM groups. HealthPRO® Heritage has a tool available today that identifies how your patient mix translates in the new system and identifies your associated revenue impact (aggregate & per diem, therapy, nursing, NTA) as well as areas of risk and opportunity. 

“This tool is sophisticated enough to map a patient’s full episodic cost to the facility, while also offering aggregate impact data,” states Ian Tucker, VP of Analytics for HealthPRO® Heritage. “It’s very different from other modelers and the new calculators -- which only offer per-patient granularity – and don’t provide opportunity to analyze trends related to the various components. The Crosswalk informs decisions and helps our clients build strategies.” 

Taking this step is important whether your organization is predicted to remain neutral, or shows loss/gain. Without current data, SNFs are at risk to take a wrong turn along the path of PDPM preparedness.

Ian explains further. “The CMS Impact Files released in April offer a similar analysis, but keep in mind (1.) the data is outdated, and (2.) the analysis is limited because it cannot offer trending data – only bottom-line impact. Our clients may run their Crosswalk analysis several times in the months leading up to October 2019 to assess whether process & workflow changes and/or strategic initiatives are having an impact on overall fiscal projections.” 

Getting the answers is a simple as a file upload and analysis by our team of experts who can translate data into meaningful strategy, education and/or implementation support via our Clinical Strategies Division and/or our PDPM Expert Panel

Keep checking back here for more details related to “The PDPM Crosswalk.” Can’t stand the suspense? Click here to talk directly with our PDPM Expert Panel on how you can lead your organization to




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