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The Impact of RUG IV Regulations and Nursing Home Operations

Recent RUG IV refinements stemming from the SNF PPS FY2012 Final Rule are now in effect and could impact your facility negatively if your staff does not fully understand how to manage the new changes. It’s also increasingly important that your staff has access to efficient, modern tools that allow them to track care, documentation, and results prospectively. As a whole, your approach needs to be informed and effective in order to remain viable in this increasingly complex operating environment. Therapy is a crucial area of focus and many of the new rules inherent in FY 2012 PPS will challenge your facility’s ability to operate efficiently, achieve compliance and capture credit for the care you provide.

HealthPRO® can help you prepare and improve

At HealthPRO®, we specialize in the development, implementation and management of clinically strong, compliant and financially successful therapy programs. Our team brings over 15 years of clinical, regulatory, operational, and financial expertise and significant experience in nursing facility operations. In addition, our sophisticated technology system ensures caregivers have the information they need in real time to optimize care and reimbursement. In response to the changes that went into effect October 1, 2011, we created a comprehensive preparedness plan. As a result, we’ve helped hundreds of clients evolve their programs, mitigate the potentially negative impact of FY 2012 PPS, and adapt to the new PPS environment. Through a comprehensive data and financial analysis, we’re confident that we can help you improve clinical outcomes, compliance, and therapy net margin.

Get a second opinion with our customized financial analysis

Whether you’re happy with your current program or unsure of how it’s performing, why not get a second opinion? HealthPRO’s® financial assessment will help you identify program risks and new opportunities for improvement. Our customized financial analysis includes:

  • A detailed evaluation of RUG IV classification and revenue trends, inclusive of ADL scoring
  • An assessment of risk areas and associated financial impact
  • The identification of opportunities for improvement
  • A review of FY 2012 RUG IV changes and what they mean to your facility
  • A forecast of ongoing risk and financial impact based on your data

Our approach

There are two ways we can work with you. We offer In-house Therapy Management Services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Clinical, regulatory, and operational expertise
  • Training and education for therapy and nursing staff
  • Recruiting and temporary staffing as needed
  • Technology solutions that automate documentation, outcome tracking, and reporting to support positive performance.   

We also offer a full service Contract Therapy Management approach that is a turnkey solution, which includes both therapy management and full staffing of the rehab department.

Our depth of experience and proven track record of success ensures that you get the results you want regardless of which type of service you choose.  No matter what approach you take, one aspect of our business never changes the quality and proactive nature of our work.  


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