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Increase Nursing Home Occupancy with a Census Development Plan

Why it’s important

In today’s competitive market, maintaining census and occupancy as care patterns change is a crucial aspect of your facility’s success. Why? Census development drives revenue. Also, because rehabilitation programs are a significant referral draw for senior care communities, it is increasingly important that you’re able to attract census by demonstrating positive clinical outcomes. 

HealthPRO® Rehab - A data-driven, expert approach

HealthPRO® Rehabilitation was founded and based on the philosophy that strong clinical therapy programs yield measurable, quality outcomes for patients. Our approach uses clinical outcome data to measure treatment efficacy, improve care, and further develop programs. Using outcome data to develop census is an effective way to drive referrals and occupancy because it demonstrates substantive clinical capabilities and accountability to referral sources like physicians, hospitals, and managed care plans. 

In addition to our data-driven approach, we’re truly experts at what we do, bringing over 15 years of clinical, regulatory, operational, and financial expertise to our clients. Our team has significant experience in post-acute care operations, which basically means, we understand your struggles and will deliver intelligent strategies that drive results.


Our Census Development Plan

Our goal is to support your efforts to increase occupancy, referrals, and revenue. We do this by sharing therapy-specific outcome data with your admissions/marketing team and then collaborating to discover new ways to supplement their outreach efforts and enhance results. Here are a few examples of some of our census development processes:

  • Use the HealthMAX® therapy documentation system to track therapy outcomes by diagnostic category within specific referring hospital and physician groups
  • Analyze outcome data, identify clinical areas of strength, and suggest ways to incorporate this information into your facility’s marketing plan
  • Work with your team to create clinical pathways for physician groups that will encourage their buy-in and create an ongoing referral stream
  • Participate in critical presentations to referral sources to position the facility’s clinical therapy program, share outcomes, and convey the capabilities of the therapy staff
  • Collaborate with you to develop new programs that address unmet community needs

We don’t stop there

Our rehabilitation plan for your facility does not end at the implementation phase. Everything we do is measurable and we evaluate and benchmark your outcomes. Outcome data can be used for referral outreach marketing materials and as an educational resource for rehabilitation staff.

There’s still more

In addition to our census development capabilities, we offer a multitude of business services that can help you and your team. Our progressive therapy solutions address the evolving operational challenges faced by many nursing facility managers. Some of these challenges include clinical program development and management, regulatory and corporate compliance, staffing and recruiting, operational efficiency, technology, education and training, and financial integrity.

Our Business Services:

  • Comprehensive clinical management support
  • A fully staffed rehabilitation department
  • Staff recruiting, hiring, and placement assistance
  • State-of-the-art educational programs for therapists
  • Targeted clinical program development and quality assurance
  • Policy and procedure development and implementation
  • Corporate and clinical compliance
  • Regulatory updates with practice enhancements
  • On-demand and formal reviews of performance vs. budget
  • Sophisticated HealthMAX® technology solutions that streamline documentation, outcomes, therapy management, and reporting to create efficiencies and improve performance

Unlike most therapy providers, HealthPRO® has been offering both in-house and contract therapy solutions since 1997

We believe that our flexible, data-driven approach sets us apart from the rest because it allows us to further customize everything we do for you and your facility. 


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