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Nursing home software can improve positive clinical outcomes and profitability

In lieu of recent changes inherent in FY 2012 PPS, many Skilled Nursing Facilities are searching for ways to improve clinical outcomes, staffing, and profitability. One way you can improve your facility’s outcomes and profitability is by incorporating updated, sophisticated software into your system. Nursing home software plays a crucial role in your facility’s success and is something you cannot overlook.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

It’s natural for people to resist change and feel that “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” But the truth is, we live during a technologically explosive time where software and technological advances are endless. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your facility uses outdated nursing home software, it might be time for a change. 

Identify what works and what doesn’t work

A great way to identify gaps in your technology capabilities is to perform an assessment of all your systems. Determine which systems are inefficient and slow and then put a plan in place to improve them. Small inefficiencies might seem isolated, but overtime, the repercussions will add up.


Here are a few tips for completing a technology assessment

  • Review all of your internal systems
  • Identify systems that are slow or outdated
  • Assess internet speed and wireless connections
  • Put a realistic plan into place to correct inefficiencies

Technology and positive clinical outcomes

Nursing home software can improve clinical outcomes because it allows your staff to complete their duties efficiently and effectively. Time spent inputting data and navigating inefficient systems can now be spent on their patients. It also provides your staff with flexibility and less frustration so that they can focus on what’s truly important…their patients.

Technology and profitability

When a facility utilizes modern, nursing home software, staff performance improves, data collection is precise, patient scheduling and staff scheduling is methodical and all other facility functions fall into place. At the end of the day, the implementation of fully functioning technology solutions can increase your facility’s profitability because it diminishes inefficiencies on multiple forefronts.

HealthMAX® - Intelligent, integrated technology

HealthMAX® is the proprietary therapy technology solution that we offer all of our clients. HealthMAX® automates therapy documentation, tracks clinical outcomes, and provides therapy-specific reporting for an efficient, successful program. With this system in place, your staff can perform their jobs duties efficiently and effectively. Your Rehabilitation Director will also spend less time creating reports and more time focused on new software implementation. Our team will help integrate HealthMAX® into your facility and train all staff members.

Apart from the tools and information HealthMAX® gives you, it also equips your facility’s leadership with invaluable data that they can use as educational resources and improvement markers.

Invaluable Data Points:

  • Therapy utilization by payor and discipline
  • Rehab per diem
  • RUG mix
  • Temporary staffing by discipline
  • Productivity
  • Therapy cost per minute
  • Group percentages
  • Admissions and discharge information

HealthMAX® Benefits:

  • Automates therapy documentation and tracks patient level outcomes
  • Incorporates built-in checks and ensures the level of documentation specificity necessary to justify skilled care
  • Links directly to facility billing system, assuring compliance
  • Reduces Business Office processing time
  • Provides facility leadership with a real-time evaluation of their program (results vs. targets and benchmarks)
  • Provides data to support JCAHO and CARF accreditation

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