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Elite Compliance Certification Takes HealthPRO® to New Levels

In 1998, the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) set out to develop a certification program for health care compliance professionals.  We would like to congratulate our very own Alissa Vertes, VP of Clinical Services & Compliance, in successfully passing the Compliance Certification Board Exam! Alissa is now officially Certified in Healthcare Compliance, one of only a handful in the country!!  We work in a high risk and challenging environment that demands a proactive approach. Being certified as a Health Care Compliance Professional will help achieve the most optimal results.

Alissa is now known nationwide as professional with knowledge of relevant regulations and expertise in compliance processes sufficient to assist the health care industry to understand and address legal obligations, and promote organizational integrity through the operation of effective compliance programs. The purpose of certification is to promote health care compliance through the certification of qualified health care compliance professionals by encouraging continued personal and professional growth and providing a national standard of requisite knowledge required for certification; thereby assisting employers, the public and members of the health professions in the assessment of a health care compliance professional.

Certification Advances HealthPRO® Expertise by:

  • Enhancing the credibility nationwide of the compliance practitioner
  • Offers the needed credibility of the compliance programs under this leadership.
  • Assures that each certified compliance practitioner has the broad knowledge base necessary to perform the compliance function.
  • Establishes professional standards and status for compliance professionals.
  • Facilitates compliance work for this elite group of compliance practitioners in dealing with other professionals in the industry, such as physicians and attorneys.


For more information on this certification can benefit your organization, please contact Alissa Vertes, VP of Clinical Services & Compliance, at 410.667.7200 or via email at avertes@healthpro-rehab.com!

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