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The Role of Rehabilitation in Developing Acute and Post-Acute Strategic Partnerships

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of healthcare reform, post-acute care providers are wisely becoming more strategic about forming partnerships with their community of referring hospitals, along with other post acuter care (PAC) providers. This collaboration is critical for ensuring the continuum of care. Moreover, providers must demonstrate a distinct value proposition for those hospitals looking to form Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Building these relationships requires short-term and long term strategic development planning and initiatives that involve all levels of care, inclusive of a facility's Rehabilitation Team. Providers must leverage a robust Rehabilitation Department to help drive quality integration with referring hospitals and physician groups.

The complexities of providing rehab services cannot be overstated; reimbursement, compliance and operational challenges can be daunting for many providers. However, by offering unique, strategically positioned rehab services, you can create partnership opportunities with referring hospitals that will enhance census development efforts and ultimately help secure alliances with potential ACOs in the future.

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- Use of Therapy Technology Solutions: For those hospitals looking to create partnerships and form ACOs, it is important to be able to demonstrate the efficacy of therapy treatment provided at your facility and the quality of care.

- Compliance Watchdogs: In addition to helping to prevent unnecessary re-hospitalizations, your Rehab team must be well-prepared to also help manage the risk associated with compliance.

- Rehab's Role in Mitigating Re-Hospitalization Rates: Hospitals are incentivized to pay attention to the quality of care provided by their PAC providers so as to protect themselves from reimbursement penalties as well as to optimize the care for patients across the continuum.

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