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Data is the Future of Senior Living

In today’s healthcare climate, change and resiliency are a requirement. When we think about healthcare reform: accountable care, bundled payment, triple aim: we think post-acute care, specifically skilled nursing and home health due to the costs associated with those services for our Medicare (and even Medicare Advantage) residents. If you are a senior living: assisted living or independent living providers, you may be thinking these changes have nothing to do with you and you would be wrong.

HealthPRO® Heritage, as experts in the healthcare and payment reform space, have advised numerous times on the value proposition of a senior living provider in today’s market place.

It all starts with understanding the clinical capabilities you have to offer your residents as well as a physicians group, hospital or skilled nursing provider. Once you have identified those capabilities, tracking and trending data is crucial.

Most senior living providers laugh when we start talking about data in their space. They ask: “what data could I possibly track?” and state “the only thing that matters is my length of stay."

Hospitals, physicians groups and skilled nursing providers will be looking for the right senior living partners. What makes you the right partner?

The RIGHT partners will have all of the following elements at a minimum:

  1. Preferred home health providers – based on Quality Measures
  2. Quality outpatient rehab onsite – with up to 7 day/week coverage available for complex cases
  3. Ability to track and trend data, not only on their own, but compile their outpatient rehab and home health data together
  4. Effective wellness programming

When we consider senior living data, think about:

  1. Hospitalizations and overall length of stay in your community
  2. Re-hospitalizations: 90 days post-acute care stay
  3. Functional Outcomes and rehab length of stay based on your outpatient rehab provider
  4. Satisfaction Scores: Community and rehab
  5. Home Health data
    1. % of cases started within 24 and 48 hours
    2. Average response time to referrals (in minutes)
    3. Average Number of Visits
    4. 30-day readmission rate
    5. 60-day readmission rate
    6. Home Health Satisfaction Scores

Being able to illustrate your distinct value to your upstream partners will put you in a unique position for increased referrals – both long term residential and short stay rehab to home if your clinical capabilities match this type of service. There is a huge need for senior living to provide more care for sicker residents sooner. If you can define your service, provide data to support your value and communicate it all to the right partners, you will be set up for success in today’s environment.

Written by: Kristy Yoskey, MOT, OTR/L, RAC-CT, Senior Vice President 
Kristy's #HigherCalling: "Everyone has a significant purpose in life, mine is to help others become aware of that purpose - every nurse, CNA, rehab professional, one person at a time." 

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