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Discover Opportunities with CMI PRO Prescriptive Analytics

HealthPRO Heritage proudly introduces the industry’s most sophisticated billing + coding + analytics system, CMI PRO Prescriptive Analytics; for skilled nursing operators in states with Medicaid case mix index reimbursement.
In partnership with Profility, Inc., HealthPRO Heritage developed CMI PRO Prescriptive Analytics that provides real-time case mix index (CMI) rates and projects CMI at the “picture window” close.
Operators currently utilizing CMI PRO Prescriptive Analytics are impressed with how the platform supports IDT team members to identify and prioritize opportunities to implement specific strategic approaches (e.g.: education, resources, etc.) that yield immediate and progressive improvements in patient care delivery and documentation.
How it Works
CMI PRO Prescriptive Analytics calculates average daily rates in real-time; identifies opportunities to improve capture of provided services via behaviors & trends; utilizes benchmarking based on the facility’s specific residents (in addition to state averages as available); assures accuracy, compliance, and consistency in reimbursement; predicts CMI trends/rates, and informs the IDT’s Care Initiatives Work Plan. 
To Learn More
Contact HealthPRO Heritage to learn how CMI PRO Prescriptive Analytics will take your CMI strategy & success to the next level at info@healthpro-heritage.com
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