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Heritage Healthcare Celebrates Grandparents Day : September 8, 2013

Grandparents_9-2013_D.jpgIn 1970, Marian McQuade initiated a campaign to establish a day to honor grandparents. In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a federal proclamation, declaring the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. This day has been celebrated every year since in honor of our nation's grandparents.

The Census Bureau presents updates of statistics about their role and responsibilities in our society.

7 million: The number of grandparents whose grandchildren under age 18 were living with them in 2011.

Grandparents as Caregivers: 2.7 million

The number of grandparents responsible for the basic needs of one or more grandchildren under age 18 living with them in 2011. Of these caregivers, 1.7 million were grandmothers and 1.0 million were grandfathers.

Grandparents_9-2013_C.jpg594,000: The number of grandparents responsible for grandchildren under age 18 and whose income was below the poverty level in the past 12 months compared with the 2.1 million grandparent caregivers whose income was at or above the poverty level.

$45,526: Median income for families with grandparent householders responsible for grandchildren under age 18. Among these families, where a parent of the grandchildren was not present, the median income was $33,627.

1.9 million: The number of married (including separated) grandparents responsible for caring for their grandchildren.

1.7 million: The number of grandparents in the labor force responsible for own grandchildren under age 18. Among them, 338,000 were 60 years or older.

657,000: The number of grandparents who had a disability and were responsible for their grandchildren.

1.9 million: The number of grandparents responsible for their grandchildren who were living in owner-occupied housing, compared with 844,000 that were living in renter-occupied housing.

505,000: The number of foreign-born grandparents responsible for their own grandchildren under age 18. This contrasts with 2.2 million native-born grandparent caregivers.


Grandparents_9-2013_B.jpg5.5 million: The number of children under 18 living with a grandparent householder in 2011. Nearly half, 48 percent or 2.6 million, were under age 6.

10%: Percentage of children in the U.S. living with a grandparent in 2012, totaling 7.1 million.

2.7 million: The number of children living with both grandmother and grandfather in 2012.


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