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Heritage Healthcare Continues To Grow – Enters Florida With 7 New Rehab Partnerships Throughout The State.

In an ever-changing healthcare industry, Heritage Healthcare’s continuous growth is the result of our commitment to a rehab partnership with senior care facilities along with their in-depth knowledge of Medicare and Healthcare reform. Our forward thinking incorporates innovation in the operations and clinical approach.  

In fact, in anticipation of competition consolidation as well as healthcare legislation requiring increased scrutiny and additional restrictions coming into effect, Heritage Healthcare re-engineered our organizational structure to allocate dedicated leadership to each senior care setting (CCRC, SNF and ALF) as well as better serve customers without sacrificing standards or level of care.

Entering Florida with 7 contracts across the state, is a testament to Heritage Healthcare’s excellent reputation and dedication to consistent communication and clinical integrity.

Heritage Healthcare understands the many challenges faced by facilities, including readmissions. Upon admission, our clinicians takes the residents’ needs after rehab into account (not just the immediate diagnosis), and provides their clinicians with tools needed to enhance the quality of life for every person they treat. Plus, Heritage Healthcare’s knowledge of post acute care provides facility specific solutions.

Enters_Grwoth_2013.jpgIndependently owned and operated from day one, Heritage Healthcare’s management and executive team have adhered to the philosophy of ‘Compassionate Care’. This has resulted in constant growth since opening their doors in 1999. Heritage Healthcare is now working with facilities in 16 states across the country.

To learn more, go to www.heritage-healthcare.com or call Al Eads at 877.508.3237, ext. 112.

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