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Current Heritage Associates Responsible for Referring 46% of New Hires

Independently owned and operated since 1999, Heritage Healthcare is known for the quality of their clinicians and low Associate turnover ratio. In a highly competitive industry, it is impressive that almost 1/2 of new hire referrals come from current Heritage Associates.

The philosophy of “Compassionate Care” is not limited to residents of facilities. It also applies to Heritage Associates. They are given all the tools needed to be the best clinicians possible and are recognized and rewarded for their skills and dedication. The number of referrals from Associates is evidence of their satisfaction.

Every member of Heritage’s management is experienced in the healthcare industry. They also make a point to keep their Associates updated about all Medicare rules and regulations. Heritage believes that open communication and access to senior management is fundamental to success.

Heritage Healthcare provides rehab therapy services to long-term care, assisted living and continuing care retirement communities throughout the United States. Understanding the challenges faced by facilities, Heritage’s knowledge of post acute care allows them to provide facility specific solutions. To learn more, go to www.heritage-healthcare.com or call Al Eads at 877.508.3237, ext. 112.