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Occupational Therapy Month: Recognizing Innovative OT Practitioners

Occupational Therapy is One of a Kind!
The unique profession of occupational therapy, deeply rooted in science, focuses on helping individuals across their lifespan to do the things they want or deem necessary to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities or occupations. OT practitioners (occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants) enable individuals of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and wellness, and prevent or adapt to an injury, illness or disability.

OT practitioners have extensive knowledge and training on the psychological, physical, emotional, and social makeup of the individuals they treat. Rooted in a holistic approach to care, occupational therapy’s focus is on adapting the environment and/or task to fit the individual. Furthermore, OT theory highlights the incorporation of neurological principles, anatomical or physiological concepts, and psychological perspectives. Dating all the way back to 1917, occupational therapy was the first of the three therapy disciplines to be born. Happy 103rd to the great profession of occupational therapy!

Innovative Therapy During a Pandemic
During this time of high anxiety and uncertainty, patients/residents may be apprehensive and unsure about their care and therapy treatments. Our therapists help to communicate effectively and help to lessen any stress or anxiety the patient/resident/family member(s) may be experiencing. One of our key responsibilities during this time is to support all through the entire process. As we continue to take further precautions to ensure all are safe in their communities, we want to make sure all patients/residents are taking care of themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically during this time. Specifically, occupational therapy strives to assist individuals with FUNCTION. Since most therapy treatments must occur in patient/resident rooms at this time, we have our toolkits armed and ready! Functional, or real-life, treatments are the key… and what better place for these treatments to occur than in a patient/resident’s true living spaces – their rooms or apartments! HealthPRO Heritage has equipped each therapist with our new resource: In Room/Apartment Functional Treatment Suggestions to use as a guideline to provide the best innovative treatments possible.

Recognition of Innovative OT Practitioners 
In honor of Occupational Therapy Month, HealthPRO Heritage is recognizing OTs and COTAs across the country who go above & beyond. RVPs and RMs have submitted their nominations for Innovative OT Practitioners who:

  • Demonstrate and use unique, functional treatment approaches;
  • Exercise consistent out-of-the box solutions;
  • Are inspiring for co-workers and patients/residents;
  • Display outstanding leadership skills; and
  • Are stellar representations of the OT discipline.

All OT & COTA practitioners who were nominated are winners! Check them out on our Facebook page.


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