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Introducing HealthPRO® Heritage's new weekly blog series: "QUESTIONS WORTH ASKING"

You work hard: To stay on top of your game in an industry wrought with complexity, change and challenges.

You ask: What questions should you be asking your team? What questions should you be asking yourself? What are the key success drivers for 2018 and beyond?

You wonder: Can a blog offer you valuable intel related to the future of your community? Yes! Check in every week for ideas to jump-start strategic thinking in areas that drive success now and into the future:

Clinical competencies. Savvy providers recognize that robust clinical competencies will make or break a community’s ability to provide care for higher acuity residents, ensure optimal performance outcomes & ultimately compete in your marketplace. What changes need to be implemented today to get your team up to speed?

Solid cross-continuum partnerships. Forming upstream & downstream network relationships are required for sustainability. Will your community struggle to survive and thrive without these partnerships in place?

Progressive clinical strategies that drive market-share and optimal reimbursement. PDPM is looming, and forward-thinking providers are TODAY planning to appropriately prepare & assure optimal revenue capture. This approach goes beyond simply focusing on cost management. Will you be among those astute leaders who seek opportunity to capitalize on industry changes and come out on top?

Risk strategies & compliance programming must be proactive and progressive. How will you stay one step ahead of the game as the rules change?

You have burning questions: About PDPM and other CMS mandates? About marketplace drivers? About clinical and MDS considerations? HealthPRO® Heritage wants to hear from you. Click here to send us questions to share with your industry peers. Real-time questions answered by HealthPRO® Heritage’s experts from Clinical Strategy, Senior Living, Home Health and Compliance Divisions. HealthPRO® Heritage offers market intel & perspective in support of our current clients and our industry. Our intention: to invite debate, collaboration and partnerships with our unique, proactive approach:

PREPARE: Plan for a successful 2019 (in light of PDPM/payment reform).

EXECUTE: Implement sophisticated clinical initiatives, reimbursement strategies & compliance programming,

SUCCEED: Achieve meaningful outcomes that support market-share growth.

By the way: Do you know our PDPM Expert Panel? Click here to meet the industry’s thought-leaders and operational experts from HealthPRO® Heritage.

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Written By: Michele Saunders, PT, Regional Vice President of Business Development 

Tags: Care Continuum, Update, CMS Update 2018, Payment Reform, Patient-Driven Payment Model, PDPM