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Make The Choice To Prepare

Our ongoing efforts to prepare for payment reform has led HealthPRO/Heritage to develop the industry’s most informative RUGS to RCS-1 reimbursement crosswalk, allowing providers to see both patient and enterprise level reimbursement impacts and identify specific areas of risk and opportunity. This will help establish strategic processes for operational changes that minimize risks and help providers successfully navigate this fundamental payment shift.

We encourage providers to:

  1. Make the choice to prepare. Take the steps now to better understand risks, opportunities, and broad areas of focus. 
  2. Understand the specific changes required. There are things you can do now to assist in both the current and future reimbursement environments. Understanding areas of practice management enhancements will help ensure you can move your organization forward in a timely fashion.
  3. Take the step. History has demonstrated that those providers who are prepared in advance are the “winners” in this kind of sweeping reimbursement change, which requires heavy operational modifications. While the exact implementation timeline is not known, the fundamentals of the system are clear. We can help you create a strategic plan to successfully navigate the change. 

Learn more about how you can prepare by contacting any of the staff listed below or simply join the conversation by signing up for our Advisor Newsletter where relevant information is released monthly. 

David Mercugliano: dmercugliano@healthpro-heritage.com • 443-827-7337

Julie Bringas: jbringas@healthpro-heritage.com • 773-991-5504

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