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On-Site Therapy Services: What's in it for you?

Nowadays, dozens of companies offer to set up therapy services within Senior Living communities. In most of these arrangements, the therapy company reimburses the Senior Living community for the gym space (via a lease agreement) and bills residents’ insurances directly for the therapy services they provide. Residents benefit because they have convenient access to rehab services. Therapy companies benefit by generating revenue via a robust caseload of patients.

But what’s in it for the Senior Living communities?

Savvy senior living operators are well-advised to maximize the advantages of having On-Site therapy services by partnering with a well-prepared, sophisticated therapy team that is collaborative, integrates well with the community staff, and has the best interests of their partner and residents as a top priority.

Consider the following guidance to get the most out of a meaningful partnership with a trusted therapy company:

Expect More: Acknowledge that all therapy companies are not created equal. In fact, there is a large variation between those companies focused on building therapy caseload, versus other more sophisticated companies that deliver holistic partnership-level support that aligns with broad community/enterprise-wide goals (e.g.: such as building occupancy and keeping ALL residents safe and aging-in-place with reduced risk of adverse health events.)

Ask for More: What additional non-billable services are available to help with challenges (like staffing & occupancy) and goals for 2022 & beyond? Many well-resourced therapy companies offer services proven to drive positive outcomes on behalf of the communities served (e.g.: specialized clinical/engagement programs, IDT education, occupancy/marketing support, wellness platform, strategy consulting & more!)

Leverage More: Consider the advantage of partnering with an experienced therapy company (with ~10+ years serving Senior Living) with the operational advantage of well-established market intel and processes (e.g.: seamless start-ups), and offers deep clinical resources (as with specialized programming, innovative tools, wellness platforms, etc.)

Collaborate More: Share “2022 Strategic Plans” with your therapy company, and request that they contribute to your community/enterprise-wide success based on the vision/goals outlined by your team for next year & beyond.

Communicate More: Therapy companies should proactively and regularly share community-level information, outcomes, satisfaction scores, and more. Likewise, seek out partnerships with progressive therapy companies known for their thought-leadership and industry knowledge/insights.

“Offering therapy services on-site at Senior Living communities is becoming very popular, because there are relatively no disadvantages to having a team of additional clinicians -- at no extra expense -- to provide valuable, much-needed services and support community IDT,” says Jodi Despoy, President, RISE Senior Living.   “But if you’re inviting a therapy company to set up shop within your community, maximize the relationship by teaming up with a company that functions as a partner and is well-positioned to assure ongoing community success!”