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Overcome Your Senior Living Challenges with RISE Senior Living Consulting Solutions

As senior living organizations work toward overcoming today’s challenges, many are finding success with partnering with consulting experts from RISE Senior Living. 

As one of the only rehabilitation and health services companies in the senior living sector to help mitigate common challenges, RISE Senior Living consulting team delivers unique resources, expertise, and solutions that drive excellence and offer peace of mind for Senior Living operators. 

Some of the benefits of partnering with RISE Senior Living’s Consulting Solutions are:

RISE Senior Living Consultants understand and help solve the most common challenges facing Senior Living operators today, including:

  • Low occupancy and increased unplanned move-outs 
  • Keeping pace with the increased need for clinical/health services (because the resident engagement, fall rates, and unplanned move-outs are trending in the wrong direction)
  • Need for efficiencies such as adequate standardization RE: outcomes reporting, documentation
  • Desire to evolve (as with models of care, progressive revenue opportunities, additional clinical services, etc.)
  • Weak regional network/system partnerships (such as hospitals, MD groups, SNFs, and community-based teams) 
  • Staying ahead of compliance with state regulations

RISE Senior Living Consultants offer: 

  • Risk assessments and execution on risk mitigation strategies
  • On-site assessment to refresh marketing and programmatic initiatives, amenities, services, and next-level strategies (Think of it as a “post-pandemic reboot!”)  
  • Development of population health and progressive payment models 
  • An Interim VP of Clinical Services to boost clinical initiatives and process (and support to recruit for new/replacement VP of Clinical Services/Wellness)
  • Hire a Health Navigator! A RISE SL specialist dedicated to managing resident wellness and population health by steering optimal choices and connections for all residents at all levels of care 
  • Technology solutions with integration support (and EMR design or redesign)
  • Education, training, and processes to support/unburden staff
  • Drive occupancy initiatives and revenue with a customized, multi-pronged strategy (inclusive of a deep dive assessment and actionable “Work Plan.”
  • RISE Senior Living clinical team conducts a 2-day on-site Mock Survey to optimize compliance with state regulations

RISE Senior Living Consultants Work closely with community leadership, clinical and operational teams to complete deep-dive assessments, develop strategic work plans, and track + measure quality and fiscal outcomes related to:

    • Improving length of stay
    • Increasing occupancy/revenues
    • Mitigating fall risk (and associated claims) 
    • Reducing hospitalizations and ER visits
    • Measure impact/risk related to staffing challenges, adverse events, insurance claims, etc.
    • And more!

Contact RISE Senior Living Consultants by clicking here to explore solutions to solve 2022’s biggest challenges and plan for ongoing future success!