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Solutions for HHAs Amidst COVID-19 + PDGM

HealthPRO Heritage at Home: PPE/Safety Update
Safety is our #1 Priority!
To empower & protect our staff + your patients, HealthPRO Heritage at Home proudly shares our plan for drop-shipping 500+ "PPE Care Packages" to our front line therapy staff. Each care package contains enough gloves, masks, gowns, and disinfectant for our clinical team to continue to provide patients the much-needed skilled care they deserve.
Amidst PDGM & COVID-19 Pressures:
Consider Outsourcing Home Health Therapy Services
PDGM and COVID-19 have changed the home health landscape dramatically! As a result, home health agencies (HHAs) are struggling to navigate new reimbursement regulations, declining caseload volumes (due to cessation of elective surgeries), changing CDC guidelines, staff anxieties/shortages, and concerns about PPE accessibility.
Now more than ever, managing fixed costs in such a variable environment is causing considerable strain for HHAs.
A solution exists. By outsourcing therapy services (with/without transitioning in-house therapy staff or specific discipline) to a proven therapy partner, HHAs may:
  • Access a greater pool of credentialed therapists to manage [rural] caseloads;
  • Shift cost structure from fixed to variable during a highly variable census environment (i.e., reduce cost burden and improve/preserve capital/cash flow; by shifting productivity burden & eliminating benefit load with health, payroll tax, PTO, workers’ compensation, and unemployment exposure/expense);
  • Take advantage of an incremental PPE source brought by a well-established therapy partner (thereby reserving PPE for nursing staff);
  • Leverage therapists to contribute value-added services to relieve nursing burden/compensate for nursing shortages as they are encouraged/supported to practice at the top of their license;
    • Medication Management & Reconciliation
    • Wound Care
    • Vitals and Continuous Monitoring
    • Pulmonary Rehab/Postural Drainage
    • Respiratory Therapy/ Nebulized Medications, Breathing Treatment/Techniques
    • Orthopedic Rehab & Suture and Staple Removal
    • PT INR & Blood Sugar Check
    • Disease Management, Patient/Caregiver Education
    • Nutritional Management
    • Incontinence Training
    • Home Safety & Environmental Assessment
    • ADLs & IADLs
    • Skin/Body Assessments/Prevention of Skin Breakdown
    • Case Conference/Communication
    • Development of Care Plans & Supervision of HHAs
    • Endurance & Strength Training
    • Fall & Balance Training
  • Leverage innovative clinical resources such as PDGM mapped Clinical Pathways, COVID-19 specific respiratory programs, and coding expertise; and
  • Assure that patients and families receive the care, education, and support they need to minimize hospitalization risk and preserve patient satisfaction.
Given how rapidly the market is changing, it is prudent for agencies to consider these and other strategies to strengthen their position and do what is necessary to adapt to the current environment. 
When selecting a therapy services partner, consider a company that is adequately staffed to manage your caseload/geography; leverages a proactive approach to clinical programming, coding, scoring, and documentation requirements; utilizes demonstrable protocols in alignment with CDC guidelines; and offers an accessible staff education plan to assure proper infection control. Consider HealthPRO Heritage at Home.

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