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Specialized Telehealth Clinicians for Your Medically Complex Patients

For almost a year, patient's access to therapists was halted as a direct result of the pandemic, prohibiting therapists from conducting services on site. As a result, patient's needs increased and emerging technology such as Telehealth has been critical in the treatment of patients. However, pairing medically complex patients with specialized clinicians has at times, been difficult.
To combat this, HealthPRO Heritage offers two types of telehealth programs aimed to improve patient’s accessibility to essential therapy services:
  • Clinical Specialist Program: This program allows access to clinical experts in areas of special needs, such as wound care, lymphedema, LSVT BIG + LOUD, dementia care, and low vision. 
In addition, through telehealth, HealthPRO Heritage clinical specialists are able to share their expertise and mentor other therapists to ensure patients have access to the best possible care.
  • Telehealth Champion Program: These strong clinicians provide telehealth across the care continuum when in-person services are not available due to uncontrollable external circumstances.
Additionally, HealthPRO Heritage telehealth clinicians have received specialized training on telehealth and have passed both written and live telehealth competencies, ensuring patients receive the needed treatment through the use of this medium.
Real-Life Examples
Trach Patient Training: Recently, a skilled nursing facility admitted a complex trach patient; however, the facility’s speech-language pathologist had limited experience working with a Passy-Muir valve. The therapist was able to connect with an HealthPRO Heritage clinical specialist in her own state, via telehealth with extensive trach patient experience and Passy Muir Valve communication. This resulted in the patient receiving the specialty care that they needed and the speech-language pathologist developed new skills.
Lymphedema Expertise: Several facilities have relied on HealthPRO Heritage lymphedema certified clinical specialists to provide telehealth consulting to support trained Lymphedema champions when re-routing of lymphatic flow is necessary due to lymph node removal. In addition, lymphedema certified clinical specialists have been able to provide insight and answer any specific questions the therapists have when patients are not improving as anticipated.
To learn more about telehealth and how HealthPRO Heritage telehealth clinicians can help your facility's medically complex patients, please click below and select Telehealth Therapy Programs.
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