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The PROReport Series (Hilary Forman, Chief Clinical Strategies Officer, HealthPRO Heritage)

The PROReport Series: Curated Webinars, Q&A Bylines, Podcasts, Vlogs & more for Industry Insiders!

HealthPRO Heritage has been on a roll! In service to the industry, the company has hosted and produced 100+ CEU accredited seminars, white papers, trade association presentations, blogs, panel discussions, podcasts and webinars since 2018.

Hilary Forman, Chief Clinical Strategies Officer, kicks off The PROReport Series, HealthPRO Heritage's newest venture!

Question: Hilary, congratulations on the debut of The PROReport Series! As HealthPRO Heritage’s Chief Clinical Strategies Officer, can you share the inspiration for the launch of this new weekly platform?

Hilary: Absolutely! HealthPRO Heritage is a rehab and health innovations company that has evolved and diversified since our start in 1997; this part of our bold corporate strategy requires us to stay steps ahead of industry trends. It also requires that we not be shy about sharing opinions, strategies, and resources. For example, during the PDPM transition and the COVID pandemic, HealthPRO Heritage regularly assembled dozens of expert speakers and providers from across the industry to distill the barrage of regulatory changes, CMS & CDC updates, and market trends. HealthPRO Heritage’s proprietary communication platforms (e.g., L.E.A.P. Symposia, The PROReport webinars, Questions Worth Asking blogs) were widely-recognized as reliable, consistent sources for guidance and strategy.

Question: What is the objective of The PROReport Series? What does HealthPRO Heritage seek to achieve?

Hilary: HealthPRO Heritage wants to continue to be an indispensable resource for industry leaders at all levels of the care continuum, so we’ve expanded to this new, exciting platform. The PROReport Series delivers weekly installments in a variety of concise formats. The depth of two decades’ experience and expertise across all service lines (skilled, home health, senior housing, etc.) makes us uniquely qualified to curate provocative content on how to be better positioned for ‘what’s next.’ Expect HealthPRO Heritage and The PROReport Series to serve as a conduit for new ideas, creative problem-solving, and to facilitate strategic connections among our vast network of peers, partners, and providers. 

Question: What topics can your audience expect to learn about in the coming weeks?

Hilary: The Q&A Byline is a new format for HealthPRO Heritage and will feature strategy and insight from members of our Leadership, Clinical, Operations, and Strategies teams. During the next few weeks, we’re exploring: disruption in healthcare, the future of wellness solutions for senior housing, pros and cons of in-house rehab. Look for a particularly cool installment entitled: “What’s Your X-Factor?” and “Do You Have a #highercalling?” that promises to be compelling.

Question: Can we expect a byline or vlog from you, Hilary?

Hilary:: Yes! I have a Q&A Byline that will drop in two weeks following my time at the NIC Conference in Washington, D.C. I'll share insights from NIC, answer questions about the biggest lessons therapists have learned during the pandemic and how HealthPRO Heritage’s approach to integrating technology and support for staffing challenges is a game-changer for our clients.

On the Healthcare Information Highway, HealthPRO Heritage is moving into the fast lane! New installments to drop every Tuesday.

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