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Senior Housing Operators: What does it take to create an outstanding holistic wellness program? The PROReport Series (Kristi Smith, SVP, Wellness Solutions)

Kristi Smith, MSPT, RAC-CT, SVP, Clinical Strategies Division at HealthPRO Heritage explains the importance of offering best-in-class wellness solutions.

Q. Kristi, why is it important for senior housing operators to offer outstanding wellness programming to their residents? 

Kristi: It’s an exciting time for senior living because our industry's wellness model has evolved dramatically over the last few years from a nice-to-have amenity to a requisite deliverable. Comprehensive wellness services are here to stay and are an important part of a community’s overall value proposition. The availability of unique wellness programs, resources, and expertise is a key differentiator for assisted, independent living, and memory care communities looking to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

Q. What are advantages of having a robust wellness program? And what are the key components senior housing operators must include?

Kristi: A robust wellness program provides a suite of stylish amenities aimed at attracting new residents with the promise of an enhanced living experience. Wellness offerings that are proactive, customizable services tailored to meet residents’ individual needs and interests will not only support occupancy growth goals but will also fortify length of stay and other metrics that are meaningful to operators. The RISE Senior Living Division at HealthPRO Heritage is dedicated to integrated health solutions for Senior Housing, and we recommend infusing wellness-related elements across various service lines to reinforce a sense of connectedness and community. 

Senior housing operators who choose to outsource wellness programming to outside experts should expect a solid wellness platform to include Resident Interest Surveys, move-in and annual Health & Wellness Assessments, the option to have concierge wellness/fitness/activities staff members as well as consistent outcomes reporting. Likewise, contracted wellness providers must be aligned with community clinical and fiscal goals. For example, RISE Senior Living invites our clients to brand our wellness platform (SHINE! Wellness) as their own, and we design customized marketing collateral to help with promotion. 

 Q. Can you share what makes RISE Senior Living's wellness program (branded as SHINE! Wellness) unique?

Kristi: RISE Senior Living redesigned our own wellness product branded as SHINE! Wellness. The focus is on the Six Dimensions of Wellness. Consider that before the pandemic, wellness amenities were focused primarily on physical services. Today’s RISE Senior Living wellness programming includes social, vocational, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual components. This approach leverages a variety of unique proactive, sophisticated wellness deliverables that embrace technology and innovation and serve to engage, encourage and inspire seniors as they age in place.

RISE Senior Living thinks outside the box on behalf of the residents, staff, and clients we serve to share ideas, resources, programs, success stories, and more! Collaboration, customization, and adaptability make SHINE! Wellness stand out as an effective and holistic wellness platform. Contact me here to discuss.