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Top Five Misconceptions About Changing Therapy Providers

Has your organization considered a change in your therapy services partner but is hesitant about taking the steps to do so? Or are you overwhelmed by the worry of a disruptive transitional process? First, acknowledge the challenges. Then, overcome them! Five common concerns are called out below, along with solutions for operators wanting to make important, strategic changes for the future of their therapy department. 

1. Is a Change Really Worth It?

Is your current therapy partner simply operating their business within your community? You and your residents/patients deserve more! Now is the time to ensure that your therapy partner:

  • Is committed to a partnership approach where the therapy team takes ownership & responsibility for driving community-wide success
  • Offers ‘win-win’ pricing & contract terms
  • Offers robust, innovative solutions and strategic expertise to help customers keep pace with what’s needed to optimize fiscal & clinical outcomes
  • Develops meaningful education, resources, & support for the IDT to safeguard and optimize reimbursement (e.g.: audits; ADR support; applied technology)
  • Drives census growth and network development through cutting-edge market analytics & related guidance
  • Supports upward trends in Quality Measures, Five Star Ratings, Patient Satisfaction Scores, and Clinical Outcomes
  • Harnesses an uncomplicated, but sophisticated and well-interfaced EMR

2. All Rehab Companies Are Created Equal
This certainly is not true. While rock-bottom priced therapy contracts under PDPM may seem attractive at first glance, be aware that some therapy companies may provide less robust enterprise-wide support, provide fewer minutes of care, and may not be primarily focused on what’s best for providers or patients. Operators should actually have higher expectations than ever before from their therapy partners and should feel confident to recommend them to their peers. For example, 93% of all HealthPRO Heritage clients report they would refer us to others (a survey result that has actually risen post PDPM and the pandemic).

3. We’ll lose key staff members that have become an important part of our community

Experienced therapy companies are adept at working behind the scenes for smooth transitions that should ultimately feel seamless for operators & patients alike. Did you know that changing therapy companies doesn’t mean you’ll have to lose therapists you’ve come to appreciate? With the start of new partnerships, HealthPRO Heritage works with incumbent therapy companies to keep existing qualified staff in place to assure you keep the staff you want and make changes where necessary. 

4. It’s Bad Timing
COVID-19, holidays, summer vacations, etc. can all feel like reasons why it doesn’t seem to be the right time to make changes. However, HealthPRO Heritage has a proven track record of methodically managing successful transitions any time of the year, and amidst any challenge. Don’t put off important decisions regarding the quality of care you provide for your patients and/or residents, or the financial health of your enterprise when HealthPRO Heritage will carry any burden associated with a transition.  

Note: Check your therapy contract! Some operators may be postponing a change in therapy providers because of uncertainty of contract terms with their incumbent provider. Most rehab agreements contain an ‘out-clause’ where either party has an option to terminate the contract with advance notice. 

5. Ties That Bind

Some operators may feel conflicted, or emotional about changing providers because of established personal relationships with incumbent therapy companies. HealthPRO Heritage suggests:

  • Be Objective: List the key success drivers & expectations of what an ideal, high-functioning therapy partnership should bring to your organization. How does your current provider measure up against this list? Contact HealthPRO Heritage here for a Checklist: Optimize Your Rehab Partnership.
  • Stay Current: Ask peers & association contacts RE: their experience working with sophisticated therapy/ enterprise partners who have raised the bar on traditional expectations and provide extensive support beyond the four walls of rehab gym. 
  • Start Fresh: Issue a formal Request for Proposals to solicit competitive bids from several therapy providers; compare the submissions objectively with a cross-functional team. Contact HealthPRO Heritage here for a customizable RFP Template.

By addressing these common misconceptions about changing therapy providers, HealthPRO Heritage invites you to discuss the future of your therapy services. Contact our dedicated team of operators & consultants to learn more about achieving the therapy outcomes your residents/patients deserve!