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Waivers May Be Extended Through 2021

surprising message from HHS announced a likely extension of CMS' waivers through the end of 2021.

Are you reading this bold message from HHS as a signal that CMS waivers may be here to stay? After all, many ACOs and managed payers have permanently eliminated the 3-day qualifying stay and have expanded on skill in place options. Will CMS follow suit?
Of course, no one can predict the future fate of the waivers. But in the interim (for at least the next ~11 months!) HealthPRO Heritage says "Full speed ahead!" with strategies focused on the appropriate use of the waivers to achieve the following:
Better Patient Care
Medicare beneficiaries are entitled to access services when deemed eligible. SNFs that are utilizing waivers appropriately are indeed well-aligned with CMS' Triple Aim and are maximizing care that is rightfully available to patients. Also, new telehealth/teletherapy options offer easier access to much-needed care for appropriate patients. (HealthPRO Heritage continues to innovate + expand our teletherapy services, including 15 specialty rehab programs to address patients' needs in unique ways across the country. Learn more here.)
Stronger Revenue Stream
Have you quantified the implications of the CMS waivers? We have! Review this Case Study that highlights a startling difference in financial return and Medicare Part A census stabilization for two SNFs with very different strategies related to utilizing the waivers.
More Strategic Partnerships & Census Development Opportunities
CMS waivers set the stage for SNFs to work more collaboratively with a broader and more diverse group of referral sources. For example, savvy SNFs should team up with physicians/physician groups to offer appropriate patients easier access to care.
This strategy highlights how CMS waivers open the door for a fresh perspective on how to grow census. SNFs that focus on building partnerships with alternative referral sources – beyond the traditional referral network & hospitals – are tapping into an important census development strategy. 
HealthPRO Heritage continues to expand our resources and expertise in market analytics & census/network growth. Scroll down to learn more about the newest addition to our rank of expert consultants.
Robust, Proactive Approach + Competitive Advantage
Consider the advantages of being among the foremost SNFs that make the most of this unique opportunity over the next 11 months (& maybe beyond). To most effectively utilize the waiver extension, a proactive approach will require a commitment to leveraging appropriate practice strategies and processes. SNFs are advised to invest in the following:
  • Education to help clinical & interdisciplinary teams to identify when patients are deemed eligible and to assure proper documentation for admissions or skill in place criteria.  (In service to the industry, HealthPRO Heritage offers consulting services and two short webinars: "Winning with Waivers: Part I" and "Winning With Waivers: Part II")
  • Communication Mechanisms that enhance collaboration with physicians, home health, senior living partners and hospital systems (to share documentation; to receive referrals without a 3-day stay, to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, etc.)
  • Trusted Advisors to seek support from dedicated experts like those at HealthPRO Heritage for strategies to leverage the advantages of the PHE extension.

SNF Growth Strategies Amidst the New Landscape of COVID-19, CMS Waivers & More!
Shawn Howe LI Profile PicShawn Howe brings ~20 years of success in healthcare consulting to HealthPRO Heritage! Shawn joins our team of experts focused on alternative census development strategies amidst the new landscape defined by COVID-19 challenges, CMS waivers & more!

Connect with Shawn + HealthPRO Heritage Clinical Strategies consultants here.


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