Guidance for Skilled Nursing Leaders

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Ask a skilled nursing facility operator or owner what keeps them up at night. With national occupancy levels for Q4 2019 only at ~83.8%*, it’s no surprise most owners & operators worry about unpredictable, downward trending census & fiscal sustainability. Fast forward to Q1 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic has gravely exacerbated census concerns. The impact of closures, elective surgery cancellations, and atypical/unpredictable hospital flow/surge has piled on an already pressure-tested SNF industry.

HealthPRO Heritage offers support: The Census Development Toolkit. Proven strategies + meaningful tools + an innovative way forward to help operators/owners to custom design a robust census & network development paradigm.

See HealthPRO Heritage's Census Development Proposal Template here and examples of additional resources here. 

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