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Top Trends in Aging Services for 2021: Transition to a New Landscape

The global pandemic and vaccine distribution have profoundly affected the senior care and senior living sectors, and providers must recognize and prepare for the new trends that will shape the future of healthcare delivery.

• Brian Ellsworth, VP of Public Policy and Payment Transformation, Health Dimensions Group
• Erin Shvetzoff Hennessey, CEO/Principal, Health Dimensions Group

 Time to ReBuild Part 1: Assess + Renew a Foundation of Trust
Overcoming strained community & employee relations is an important first step towards moving beyond the fallout caused by the pandemic. After all, growth initiatives (e.g.: census development as discussed in Time to ReBuild: Part 2) and future success will be contingent on an organization’s ability to calm fears & affirm trust among internal & external stakeholders.

• Bill McGinley, President & CEO, American College of Health Care Administrators
• Aaron Campbell, Associate Vice President, Jarrard, Inc
• Lynn Johnson, VP of Human Resources, Therapy Specialists
• Kristy Yoskey, SVP of Clinical Strategies, HealthPRO Heritage

 Time to ReBuild Part 2: Census Development
Senior care and senior living communities face the challenge of a significant decline in census due to challenges caused by the pandemic (addressed in Time to ReBuild: Part 1). Expert consultants share sophisticated (yet practical) resources and best practices to build back occupancy.

• Mark Sears, CEO,  Profility
• Kristy Yoskey, SVP of Clinical Strategies, HealthPRO Heritage

Innovation in Senior Care Models: What’s Next?
New cutting-edge service delivery paradigms that had been gaining momentum prior to 2020 have been accelerated in response to the new healthcare landscape shaped by COVID-19. Improved patient experience, reduced cost of care delivery, enhanced outcomes and aversion to institutionalized care are driving these examples of care innovation.

• Christina Weir Ripley, Vice President, Highmark Health
• Mollie Gurian, Director of Hospice, Palliative, and Home Health Policy, LeadingAge 
• Hilary Forman, Chief Clinical Strategies Officer, HealthPRO Heritage

Innovation in Progressive Payment Systems: A Very Different Fiscal Future
Future success will require SNFs to understand the "long game" of balancing multiple payer systems to operationalize an approach that leverages reliable data analytics to take on risks. Panelists tackle what’s needed to develop a substantive fiscal strategy.

• Hank Watson, Chief Development Officer, American Health Partners
• Vincent Fedele, Chief Operating Officer, CORE Analytics
• Jonathan Thoupos, VP of Finance, HealthPRO Heritage 

 Hilary Forman, Chief Clinical Strategies Officer, HealthPRO Heritage

Innovation in Home & Community-Based Services: A New Frontier
The pandemic has shaken the confidence of the “Boomers”, intensifying their propensity towards home and community-based services. Moreover, reimbursement reform is also reshaping the future of how providers & seniors are leveraging home health services. Panelists will explore the importance of home health partnerships, and the opportunities they present to long-term care providers.

• Rich Boyson, President & CEO, Eliza Jennings
• Dan Nimon, VP of Strategic Growth, Pinnacle Living
• Aaron Tripp, Vice President of Reimbursement & Financing Policy, LeadingAge 
• Jason Sasser, VP of Clinical Strategies for Home Health, HealthPRO Heritage 

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