At HealthPRO Pediatrics, discover excellence in collaboration.

We are proud of our 25+ years history of working with schools, early intervention programs, professional referrals, and industry leaders to provide customizable therapy services + education solution tools.

As a national leading provider of highly skilled therapeutic clinicians and educators, HealthPRO Pediatrics can help you meet the demand for services, lower operational costs, and decrease time-consuming and expensive recruitment efforts without compromising your delivery of excellent educational service.

Paving the Way with a TRUE Coordination of Care

Our multidisciplinary approach to care offers speech, occupational, physical + ABA therapy all under one "roof". Whether in a clinic/center setting, in the home, via telehealth, or in school, we have seen remarkable results from our strong focus on collaboration across disciplines.

We are always looking for passionate, talented individuals to join our teams! If you're an occupational, speech, physical or behavioral therapist, or an education-based clinician (school therapist, school administrator, school nurse, school psychologist, school social worker, special education teacher), click here to view our current career options.

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