At HealthPRO®/Heritage, we help you find your place in the continuum.

Incorporating a formal therapy program in your community promotes aging in place, preserves occupancy, and creates a clinical product of specific value to upstream referral sources. HealthPRO®/Heritage’s proven AL/IL model of care uses innovative programming to engage residents at various points in their aging process, meaningfully improving quality of life along the way. And, a vibrant therapy program makes your community more attractive to prospective residents and their families.

We focus on providing proactive care to residents to minimize their risk of decline or an adverse clinical event that could result in a need to transition levels of care. HealthPRO®/Heritage’s holistic approach to partnership can additionally help your community thrive by offering:

  • Defined post-surgical programming for residents returning home;
  • Tailored memory care programs focused on the person’s abilities, optimizing quality of life & function for persons with dementia;
  • A comprehensive, multi-faceted wellness program with defined educational events;
  • A collaborative model of care with home health providers;
  • Niche program development to support census growth; and
  • Market analytics to inform strategy.

Safety & Independence

Our evidence based clinical programming and wellness models include an individualized treatment focus, which allows us to match residents to the right level of care. In doing this, we help to enhance residents’ quality of life by:

  • Improving self reliance, autonomy, and self determination;
  • Decreasing safety risks;
  • Reducing falls; and
  • Increasing activity levels.


Research shows that whole-person wellness is the key to quality of life and successful aging. The goal of HealthPRO®/Heritage’s multi-dimensional approach to wellness, HealthyLiving, is to maintain or improve a resident’s level of function and quality of life through therapy.


Positive clinical outcomes are the cornerstone of HealthPRO®/Heritage’s approach and one of the success drivers of health care reform. Our sophisticated outcomes tracking ensures we can measure the impact of therapy on resident quality of life and bring factual information to the medical community in order to help clients demonstrate the efficacy of their care and services.

As the therapy experts, our goal is to help residents remain safe and independent in their home while aging on their own terms.

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