HHAs: How to Withstand & Overcome the Financial Struggles of PDGM

Over the course of our 8-Part PDGM Reimbursement Podcast Series, our experts will strategically lay out the clinical and operational foundations that home health agencies will need to implement to ride out the perfect storm of home health payment reform + the COVID-19 health pandemic.

[PART 1]CMIThe Importance of a Diverse CMI:
Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
[PART 2]
HHA Telehealth Can Only Mean One Thing:
Hotline Bling

[PART 3]
Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone
Regarding OASIS

[PART 4]
LUPA Torpedo
Sinking Home Health

[PART 5]
Clinical Pathways
How Low Is Your Cash Flow?
The Importance of Clinical Pathways

[PART 6]
Cash Flow-1
How Low Is Your Cash Flow?
The Importance of Specialty Programs

[PART 7]
Documentation for A Deposition:
Defense Under Value-Based Care

[PART 8]
Getting a Seat at the Table:
ACO & BPCIA Partnerships


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