At HealthPRO Heritage, we’re progressive.

HealthPRO Heritage is leading the industry shift in service delivery by challenging the conventional approach to therapy in providing our clinicians with viable tools and resources that provoke clinical reasoning and create an environment where functional-based treatment approaches are the standard of care. This approach ensures patient/caregiver engagement, warrants skills attainment, and lends to optimal clinical and functional outcomes required in a regulatory environment that demands clinical efficacy, efficiency, and cost containment.

Our dedicated team of clinical education experts address the full array of diagnostic and impairment-specific issues encountered across the post-acute care (PAC) continuum. HealthPRO Heritage’s systemized approach has been proven across the continuum so that we can help you:

  • Demonstrate predictable outcomes;
  • Measure effectiveness;
  • Improve patient satisfaction;
  • Connect care settings; and
  • Lower the overall cost of care.

Our robust clinical programs have demonstrable impact on quality of care, quality of life, and clinical outcomes. We also have the flexibility to custom design programs to address specific needs of referral and payer sources. Our clinical products stand out in the PAC marketplace because of our emphasis on cross- and multi-disciplinary education and training, compliance, and our intentional partner approach to program implementation.

HealthPRO Heritage’s clinical products include:

  • Programs that match CMS’s readmission penalties;
  • Diagnostic & impairment-specific clinical education for the interdisciplinary team, inclusive of national healthcare trends & initiatives;
  • Core programs & clinical care capsules (resident advocacy, health and wellness, dementia, falls, safe transitions);
  • Sophisticated, evidence based clinical tracks & pathways (CHF, COPD, Myocardial Infarction, Total Joint);
  • Disease & condition-specific treatment protocols; and
  • Clinical modules (medication management, cardiac programming, aquatics).

To measure the effectiveness of clinical programs and thus, the efficacy of their use, we look at functional outcomes gathered through scorecards and our proprietary therapy management system. Additionally, we are among the first providers pioneering the use of the CARE Tool (Continuity Assessment Record Evaluation) – a CMS initiative for data collection, to analyze and report outcomes.

In our experience, positive outcomes directly correlate to fiscal success. Therefore, by building strong clinical programs that focus on patient care needs, HealthPRO Heritage can help ensure your operational and financial viability.

For more information, or to discuss a clinical niche program for your facility, contact us at 410.667.7200 or