At HealthPRO Heritage, we seek the best to serve the best.

There’s a reason our turnover ratio is 6.9% lower than the industry average*. At HealthPRO Heritage, we view therapy as a higher calling and not just a job, so we strive to create work environments that support growth and encourage fulfillment. Underneath job titles and duties, our therapists are driven to accomplish something beyond themselves. And we’re committed to helping them achieve those callings, which results in our employee retention rates being among the best in the business, positively attributing to our consistency of care.

Our permanent and temporary staffing solutions assure reliable and timely access to qualified therapists for hospitals, SNF/subacute centers, outpatient clinics, AL/IL/CCRCs, home health agencies, and schools. Our dedicated staffing and recruitment division understands your specific needs and is ideally positioned to attract, hire, and successfully match qualified therapy professionals with well-suited environments – ensuring optimal care.

Qualified personnel are the cornerstone of every successful business; and as a service provider whose goal is to properly meet and exceed the needs of our clients and their patients, employing the right staff is crucial. HealthPRO Heritage seeks to attract professionals who genuinely care about others. As our industry goes through changes, increased scrutiny, and more accountability, we will not sacrifice quality care. Our core values of honesty, responsibility, and clinical integrity have and will continue to remain solidly in place.

Recruiting the Best
When looking to hire physical, occupational, and speech therapists, HealthPRO Heritage’s clients can directly access our talented team of experienced recruiters who are remarkably proficient in tapping market opportunities via online, email, phone, direct mail, print, conferences, and more. In instances of temporary openings, our large network of traveling therapists offers you flexible schedules and contract options.

Let us help you build an extraordinary therapy team.

If you share our philosophy of care and are looking for the best clinicians around, contact us today at 410.667.7200 or

* Source: American Health Care Association