PDGM, COVID-19 + the Final Rule 2021

PDGM + COVID-19 changed the home health landscape dramatically this year! Tack on CMS' release of the 2021 Home Health Final Rule on October 29, and we recognize that agencies may be struggling to navigate reimbursement regulations, declining caseload volumes, staff anxieties/shortage & more.

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  • OASIS D: Taking New Sections to the Next Level
  • Functional Scoring and Delivering Outcomes*
  • Marketing Opportunities from PDGM*
  • Therapy's Role in PDGM*
  • Safe Transitions and Re-Hospitalization Mitigation*
  • Care Pathways*
  • Transitional Planning*
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Topics include:
  • PDGM Reimbursement Podcast Series [8 Parts]
    • Part 1: The Importance of a Diverse CMI: Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
    • Part 2: HHA Telehealth Can Only Mean One Thing: Hotline Bling
    • Part 3: Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone Regarding OASIS
    • Part 4: LUPA Torpedo Sinking Home Health
    • Part 5: How Low Is Your Cash Flow? The Importance of Clinical Pathways
    • Part 6: How Low Is Your Cash Flow? The Importance of Specialty Programs
    • Part 7: Documentation for A Deposition: Defense Under Value-Based Care
    • Part 8: Getting a Seat at the Table: ACO & BPCIA Partnerships
  • COVID-19 Communication Strategies
  • To Admit Or Not To Admit SNF - Hospital Partnerships
  • Road To Re - Opening
  • COVID-19 Infection Control And Survey Preparedness
  • COVID-19 Recovery Units Operations From The Front - Line
  • Navigating the Perfect Storm Amidst COVID-19
  • Home Health Regulatory Updates
  • Virtual Symposium For Healthcare Leaders On COVID-19
  • Accelerated Medicare Payments
  • Home Health COVID-19 Considerations
  • How COVID-19 Changed The SNF Quality Reporting Landscape
  • COVID-19 Consideration
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