Together or apart, we are united in helping children.

HealthPRO Pediatrics is creating positive changes and paving the way with virtual & telehealth services.

As a leader in providing compliant virtual services and customized programs, HealthPRO Pediatrics is impacting the lives of children, their families, schools, and the larger community. We have a fundamentally different approach to education and pediatric services:

  • Educational Model is our focus for school-based services
  • Developmental/Coaching Model is our focus for early intervention 

STRATEGIC. HealthPRO Pediatrics is advancing therapy services and education solutions by removing the barrier of location with virtual and telehealth services. Our team is committed to creating and executing compliant and successful remote education, coaching, and therapeutic plans designed to meet the needs of existing or new IEP/IFSPs to ensure we continue to deliver positive outcomes for the children we serve.

COMPLIANT. We are proud to connect our providers, children, and students with our HIPAA, FERPA, and BAA compliant telehealth platform to ensure every child’s academic and developmental goals are achieved.

EXPERTS. Our vetted, academically and developmentally-based methods provide us the flexibility to create customized approaches of in-person and virtual education plans with our partner schools, districts, counties, and communities. Our employees have longevity in their respective roles, supporting their ability to adapt and develop rapport with children, students, families, and district personnel for successful collaboration and outcomes.

SUPPORTIVE. To further solidify the foundation for children and their ability to succeed with our virtual and telehealth services, HealthPRO Pediatrics also offers a toolkit of training, academic resources, engaging tools, and activities that align with each child's IEP/IFSP goals.

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