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Skilled Nursing Facilities: CMS Announces 1.8% Average Medicare Rate Increase for 2013

On July 27, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a fiscal year 2013 Medicare payment update for skilled nursing facilities that will average 1.8% over this year's level.

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CMS to Launch Re-designed Website

The CMS launched the re-designed Nursing Home Compare website on July 19th.  CMS adopted industry best practices for design and usability while incorporating a significant amount of new information.

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How Does the Supreme Court Ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act Affect Me?

As a healthcare provider, therapists need to be aware of the potential impact of the recent Supreme Court ruling; some of which we know now and some of which we will find out in the years to come. As you can see by the timeline below…over the next three years, payment to doctors, cost control measures, Medicaid expansion and eventually a pay for performance or outcomes methodology will be implemented. These changes will impact the care we provide and the overall continuum of care that the patients experience. Gone are the days that therapy is just paid for because it was ordered and provided; the national healthcare system must be focusing on coverage, access, quality and cost containment as reiterated by the APTA. Our associations (APTA/AOTA/ASHA) are advocating that rehabilitation services are an integral part of healthcare services. We will continue to provide updates and information as it becomes available and certainly encourage you to stay in touch with your professional associations as well.

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Strategies to Achieve Accuracy in your ADL Coding

One of the most challenging documentation areas in the nursing home setting is Activities of Daily Living or ADL coding. There are many reasons for this; a vast number of staff members contribute to the documentation, the terminology can be confusing, many ADL’s have sub-sets of tasks that impact the coding level and staff members may under estimate how much they assist the patient.  

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