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OTAC Fieldwork Educator Award Presented to Becky Crouch of HealthPRO Pediatrics

CMS 1135 Waiver Extended (Again!)

Home is Where the Focus Is

Nursing Shortages = Therapy SOCs

Leveraging CMI for PDPM Impact Analysis

Strategic Scheduling: Buzzworthy News from NAHC’s FMC

PDPM Analysis – 2 Years Later

7 Reasons Your Staff Should Be Confident in Vaccine Mandates

Pediatric Foot Management: Q&A

Winning the Gold with LUPA Management: Buzzworthy News from NAHC’s FMC

CMS Released 2022 SNF PPS Final Rule

Introducing RISE Senior Living - A HealthPRO Heritage Brand

HealthPRO Heritage VP Re-Elected for a Second Term as President of NARA

Home Health 2022 Proposed Rule Highlights

Discover Opportunities with CMI PRO Prescriptive Analytics

Not All Analytics Are Created Equal

Top Five Misconceptions About Changing Therapy Providers

Speech + ABA = Complementary Therapies

OT + ABA = A Remarkable Partnership

Therapy Intensity Tied to Positive Outcomes

Occupational Therapy + Early Intervention = Helping Children Succeed

What is Next for 1135 Waivers?

Occupational Therapy + Schools = A Winning Equation!

Specialized Telehealth Clinicians for Your Medically Complex Patients

5 Essential Resources Expert Therapy Partners Should Have

The Future of Post-Acute Care Models, Payment Systems & Home Health

Top 2021 Trends and Building Back Census Webinars

CDC Releases Guidance for Those Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19

Declining Census? Take Action!

Advantages of Outsourcing Therapy for Home Health Agencies

Are You Confident in Your Community's Infection Control Process?

HealthPRO Heritage Welcomes Therapy Specialists, Expanding West Coast Presence

Waivers May Be Extended Through 2021

7 Reasons Your Staff Should Be Confident in COVID-19 Vaccines

SNFs – Are You Leveraging CMS 1135 Waivers

Occupational Therapy Win for Home Health Start of Care Visits

Highlights of 2020 Year in Review

Important COVID-19 Vaccine Update

HealthPRO Heritage Expands & Diversifies with Acquisition in South

CMS' Final Rule Packs a Punch

Potential Relief for Providers: New Legislation on Physician Fee Schedule

Understanding the Financial Penalties with Late RAP Submission in 2021

Ensuring Financial Solvency with LUPA Mitigation and OASIS Scoring

Amidst Nationwide COVID-19 Surge: Staying Smart + Staying Safe + Building Sustainability

In a Year of Tricks, CMS Drops a TREAT with Home Health Final Rule

Physical Therapy Month: Recognizing Innovative PT Practitioners

CMS Announcement: New Repayment Terms for COVID-19 Medicare Loans

COVID-19 Vaccine Priorities from NASEM

HHS Announcement: More Provider Relief Funding Available

On the ~Anniversary of PDPM, “Oops!” says CMS

RCD Resumes for Home Health Services

Home Health + COVID-19: Clinical and Financial Benefits

See What’s Possible!  Five Optimistic Outcomes Amidst A Challenging Time

Twelve New PDGM Home Health Clinical Pathways

School Staffing Solutions + Resources for Success

Interim Final Rule Released

Why are COVID-19 Cases Rising in SNFs?

For SNFs Nationwide: An Escalation in COVID-19 Cases

New Funding Options for SNFs in light of COVID-19

What Does Medicare's Final Rule for FY21 Mean for SNFs?

For Seniors Recovering from a COVID-19 Infection: Therapy is Indispensable

The New Need for Infection Preventionists

Educational Model vs. Medical Model in Pediatric Therapy

Home Health Proposed Rule for CY2021

Questions & Answers for Cash Flow Solutions

Home Health Pledge & Plan Amid COVID

Home Health Clinical Excellence

COVID-19 Survivors: Are you Ready & Willing to Care for These Patients?

HealthPRO Heritage Joins ICAA Task Force to Lead Senior Living Transformation after COVID-19

Pediatrics Virtual & Telehealth Services

Better Hearing & Speech Month: Recognizing Innovative SLPS

A Clinical Reboot for Senior Living Communities

What is an Infection Preventionist?

Occupational Therapy Month: Recognizing Innovative OT Practitioners

Leveraging Clinical Specialization to Support Caseload Growth

Nothing to See Here: Proposed Rule FY2021 Outlines (Thankfully) Unremarkable Changes

$100 Billion Infusion of Medicare Dollars to Begin as Early as Today!

Solutions for HHAs Amidst COVID-19 + PDGM

Virtual Symposium for Healthcare Leaders RE COVID-19

Healthcare Leaders: SNF/Hospital Partnerships Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Healthcare + Finance Leaders: Reimbursement/Cash Flow Strategies

Home Health & CMS COVID-19 Flexibilities: Read the Fine Print

Senior Living Leaders: Hospital & SNF Partnerships Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Your COVID-19 Response: Leveraging Part-B In-Home Therapy + Updates RE: Virtual Visits for Rehab

CMS Authorizes COVID-19 Accelerated and Advanced Medicare Payments to Qualifying Providers

From the Home Health Frontlines: Tips & Trends Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Early National PDGM Data and Metrics

COVID-19 Terms: Difference Between Federal, State & Common Sense Measures

Therapists are Essential!

COVID-19 Communication ToolKit Available for Healthcare Leaders

COVID-19 Considerations for the IDT

Critical COVID-19 Resources for Our Staff

HealthPRO Heritage's CEO Offers Encouragement & Guidance for Our Staff

A True Home Health Partner through the COVID-19 Crisis

Two Important COVID-19 Updates as of March 16, 2020 • 11am EST

Healthcare Leaders: Your Communication Strategy Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Two Important COVID-19 Updates: As of March 12, 2020

ICD-10 Coding for COVID-19 Cases

The Dangers of Therapy Underutilization Part 2: The Effect of Patient Outcomes on Star Ratings

Take it to the Next Level Under PDPM - Five Smart Reimbursement Practices

CMS Watching Home Health Providers Closely Amid Shifting Therapy Strategies

The Dangers of Therapy Underutilization - Part 1: The CMS Perspective

How to Supercharge Your Nursing Strategy for 2020 & Beyond

Measuring PDGM Success - Industry Expert Weighs In

RCD: Are You Ready?

Changes from CMS: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

OASIS-D1: Who, What, When, and Why

PDPM Success: Out of the Gate!

PDGM Eve and 2019 in Review

For Outcomes Excellence Under PDGM, Embrace Therapy

HealthPRO Heritage at Home Consulting – More Than Advice

2019 Year in Review

Raise Expectations: Therapists Working at the Top of License

Under PDGM: Add Up the Benefits of Contract Therapy

Emerging Trends: Coding Under PDPM

What's on the Menu? Top Diagnoses for Each Clinical Grouping

Measuring Success & Emerging Trends Under PDPM

CMS Releases Final Rule for Home Health CY2020... Trick or Treat?

Four Pillars of Success for PDGM

Finger on the Pulse: Initial Reactions to PDPM & Updates from the Front Line

Understanding F2F, TPE, and RCD

An Industry Gut-Check: What's Your PDPM Confidence Level?

LUPA Management: Avoiding the 4 Letter Word

Achieving Agency Growth Under PDGM

How to Choose (and Be) a Good Strategic Partner

Will You Sink or Swim in PDGM? Care Pathways to Success

Considering In-House Therapy? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Intake Isn't Just Intake: Important Steps in PDGM Referral Processing

No Shortcuts: Process ReDesign for PDPM is a Must!

The Only Constant is Change...and Documentation

CMS' Final Rule is Here!

Home Health Agency Cash Flow: How Low Will It Go?

CMS Issues Updated Home Health Proposed Rule

The Bright Future of Rehab Includes Student Clinical Affiliations!

PDGM and Questionable Encounters

HHA Leaders: Here's Your PDGM Preparation Checklist

(Re)Consider the Optimal Therapy Model for PDPM & Beyond!

Focus on Functional Assessments

Therapy Thinks Forward: Group Therapy Re-Imagined

Feedback on Therapy Under PDGM from an Industry Survey

HealthPRO Heritage Reports: RAI Manual Updates

Does In-House Therapy Make Sense Under PDGM?

Exclusive Prep for PDGM

Struggling to Define Success Beyond PDPM? Sustaining QMs is the Solution!

Restorative Nursing Under PDPM: Looking for Answers?

Coding for Success in PDGM

PDPM: Outcomes, Outcomes, Outcomes

Ticket to Ride: OASIS Will Drive Success Under PDGM

SNF Proposed Payment Updates

Get Ready for PDGM

Update from CMS Regarding Group/Concurrent Under PDPM • April 19, 2019

QRP and QMs are Changing with the Times. Are You?

Revenue Cycle Matters Under PDGM

Group Therapy Under PDPM: Strength in Numbers

Facts about Occupational Therapy

Give a Little to Get a Lot: Nursing, PDPM, and Documentation ReDesign

Compliance Coordinator Named to McKnight's Rising Star Class

Keep Calm & ICD-10 Code On

Legal-Ease: A Collaborative Approach to Therapy Contracts Under PDPM

If PDPM is a Relay Race...MDs Carry the Baton First

Therapy Remains Critical in PDGM: Skilled Criteria, Strategic Element

Why Choose HealthPRO Heritage

The NTA Tightrope of Risk and Reward

Get Some Clarity: Measuring Cognitive Baselines Under PDPM

What Your SLP Brings to the Dinner Table: Supporting Coding & Mechanically Altered Diets with Clear Clinical Rationale

SNF Leaders: Here's Your PDPM "To-Do" Checklist

Under PDPM, CMS Holds the Line on the Definition of Skilled Requirements

Waiting on the World to Change: Are EMRs Ready for PDPM?

G vs GG: Yes, One Letter Makes All the Difference!

HealthPRO Heritage Continues Expansion with Acquisition in Michigan

Home Health PDGM Final Rule Released

Brace Yourself for PDPM: Knowing the Predicted Fiscal Impact is Your First Step

Home Health Providers: Leverage QAPI Plan to Prep for PDGM?

Not Getting All of Your 2% Withhold Back in Revenue Starting this October?

How to Use an Onsite Therapy Program to Increase Occupancy in Assisted and Independent Living

From PDPM to PDGM: Home Health in the Hot Seat

New Long Stay Quality Measures (QMs): Unplanned Hospitalizations or Outpatient Observation Stays

PDPM & PDGM: Let's Break Down the Confusion...Pt 2

PDPM & PDGM: Let's Break Down the Confusion...Pt 1

EY Announces HealthPRO CEO as Entrepreneur Of The Year Winner in MD

April is Occupational Therapy Month