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Waivers May Be Extended Through 2021

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Potential Relief for Providers: New Legislation on Physician Fee Schedule

Understanding the Financial Penalties with Late RAP Submission in 2021

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Amidst Nationwide COVID-19 Surge: Staying Smart + Staying Safe + Building Sustainability

In a Year of Tricks, CMS Drops a TREAT with Home Health Final Rule

Physical Therapy Month: Recognizing Innovative PT Practitioners

CMS Announcement: New Repayment Terms for COVID-19 Medicare Loans

COVID-19 Vaccine Priorities from NASEM

HHS Announcement: More Provider Relief Funding Available

On the ~Anniversary of PDPM, “Oops!” says CMS

RCD Resumes for Home Health Services

Home Health + COVID-19: Clinical and Financial Benefits

See What’s Possible!  Five Optimistic Outcomes Amidst A Challenging Time

Twelve New PDGM Home Health Clinical Pathways

School Staffing Solutions + Resources for Success

Interim Final Rule Released

Why are COVID-19 Cases Rising in SNFs?

For SNFs Nationwide: An Escalation in COVID-19 Cases

New Funding Options for SNFs in light of COVID-19

What Does Medicare's Final Rule for FY21 Mean for SNFs?

For Seniors Recovering from a COVID-19 Infection: Therapy is Indispensable

The New Need for Infection Preventionists

Educational Model vs. Medical Model in Pediatric Therapy

Home Health Proposed Rule for CY2021

Questions & Answers for Cash Flow Solutions

Home Health Pledge & Plan Amid COVID

Home Health Clinical Excellence

COVID-19 Survivors: Are you Ready & Willing to Care for These Patients?

HealthPRO Heritage Joins ICAA Task Force to Lead Senior Living Transformation after COVID-19

Pediatrics Virtual & Telehealth Services

Better Hearing & Speech Month: Recognizing Innovative SLPS

A Clinical Reboot for Senior Living Communities

What is an Infection Preventionist?

Occupational Therapy Month: Recognizing Innovative OT Practitioners

Leveraging Clinical Specialization to Support Caseload Growth

Nothing to See Here: Proposed Rule FY2021 Outlines (Thankfully) Unremarkable Changes

$100 Billion Infusion of Medicare Dollars to Begin as Early as Today!

Solutions for HHAs Amidst COVID-19 + PDGM

Virtual Symposium for Healthcare Leaders RE COVID-19

Healthcare Leaders: SNF/Hospital Partnerships Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Healthcare + Finance Leaders: Reimbursement/Cash Flow Strategies

Home Health & CMS COVID-19 Flexibilities: Read the Fine Print

Senior Living Leaders: Hospital & SNF Partnerships Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Your COVID-19 Response: Leveraging Part-B In-Home Therapy + Updates RE: Virtual Visits for Rehab

CMS Authorizes COVID-19 Accelerated and Advanced Medicare Payments to Qualifying Providers

From the Home Health Frontlines: Tips & Trends Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Early National PDGM Data and Metrics

COVID-19 Terms: Difference Between Federal, State & Common Sense Measures

Therapists are Essential!

COVID-19 Communication ToolKit Available for Healthcare Leaders

COVID-19 Considerations for the IDT

Critical COVID-19 Resources for Our Staff

HealthPRO Heritage's CEO Offers Encouragement & Guidance for Our Staff

A True Home Health Partner through the COVID-19 Crisis

Two Important COVID-19 Updates as of March 16, 2020 • 11am EST

Healthcare Leaders: Your Communication Strategy Amidst COVID-19 Crisis

Two Important COVID-19 Updates: As of March 12, 2020

ICD-10 Coding for COVID-19 Cases

The Dangers of Therapy Underutilization Part 2: The Effect of Patient Outcomes on Star Ratings

Take it to the Next Level Under PDPM - Five Smart Reimbursement Practices

CMS Watching Home Health Providers Closely Amid Shifting Therapy Strategies

The Dangers of Therapy Underutilization - Part 1: The CMS Perspective

How to Supercharge Your Nursing Strategy for 2020 & Beyond

Measuring PDGM Success - Industry Expert Weighs In

RCD: Are You Ready?

Changes from CMS: A Gift That Keeps On Giving

OASIS-D1: Who, What, When, and Why

PDPM Success: Out of the Gate!

PDGM Eve and 2019 in Review

For Outcomes Excellence Under PDGM, Embrace Therapy

HealthPRO Heritage at Home Consulting – More Than Advice

2019 Year in Review

Raise Expectations: Therapists Working at the Top of License

Under PDGM: Add Up the Benefits of Contract Therapy

Emerging Trends: Coding Under PDPM

What's on the Menu? Top Diagnoses for Each Clinical Grouping

Measuring Success & Emerging Trends Under PDPM

CMS Releases Final Rule for Home Health CY2020... Trick or Treat?

Four Pillars of Success for PDGM

Finger on the Pulse: Initial Reactions to PDPM & Updates from the Front Line

Understanding F2F, TPE, and RCD

An Industry Gut-Check: What's Your PDPM Confidence Level?

LUPA Management: Avoiding the 4 Letter Word

Achieving Agency Growth Under PDGM

How to Choose (and Be) a Good Strategic Partner

Will You Sink or Swim in PDGM? Care Pathways to Success

Considering In-House Therapy? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Intake Isn't Just Intake: Important Steps in PDGM Referral Processing

No Shortcuts: Process ReDesign for PDPM is a Must!

The Only Constant is Change...and Documentation

CMS' Final Rule is Here!

Home Health Agency Cash Flow: How Low Will It Go?

CMS Issues Updated Home Health Proposed Rule

The Bright Future of Rehab Includes Student Clinical Affiliations!

PDGM and Questionable Encounters

HHA Leaders: Here's Your PDGM Preparation Checklist

(Re)Consider the Optimal Therapy Model for PDPM & Beyond!

Focus on Functional Assessments

Therapy Thinks Forward: Group Therapy Re-Imagined

Feedback on Therapy Under PDGM from an Industry Survey

HealthPRO Heritage Reports: RAI Manual Updates

Does In-House Therapy Make Sense Under PDGM?

Exclusive Prep for PDGM

Struggling to Define Success Beyond PDPM? Sustaining QMs is the Solution!

Restorative Nursing Under PDPM: Looking for Answers?

Coding for Success in PDGM

PDPM: Outcomes, Outcomes, Outcomes

Ticket to Ride: OASIS Will Drive Success Under PDGM

SNF Proposed Payment Updates

Get Ready for PDGM

Update from CMS Regarding Group/Concurrent Under PDPM • April 19, 2019

QRP and QMs are Changing with the Times. Are You?

Revenue Cycle Matters Under PDGM

Group Therapy Under PDPM: Strength in Numbers

Facts about Occupational Therapy

Give a Little to Get a Lot: Nursing, PDPM, and Documentation ReDesign

Compliance Coordinator Named to McKnight's Rising Star Class

Keep Calm & ICD-10 Code On

Legal-Ease: A Collaborative Approach to Therapy Contracts Under PDPM

If PDPM is a Relay Race...MDs Carry the Baton First

Therapy Remains Critical in PDGM: Skilled Criteria, Strategic Element

Why Choose HealthPRO Heritage

The NTA Tightrope of Risk and Reward

Get Some Clarity: Measuring Cognitive Baselines Under PDPM

What Your SLP Brings to the Dinner Table: Supporting Coding & Mechanically Altered Diets with Clear Clinical Rationale

SNF Leaders: Here's Your PDPM "To-Do" Checklist

Under PDPM, CMS Holds the Line on the Definition of Skilled Requirements

Waiting on the World to Change: Are EMRs Ready for PDPM?

G vs GG: Yes, One Letter Makes All the Difference!

HealthPRO Heritage Continues Expansion with Acquisition in Michigan

Home Health PDGM Final Rule Released

Brace Yourself for PDPM: Knowing the Predicted Fiscal Impact is Your First Step

Home Health Providers: Leverage QAPI Plan to Prep for PDGM?

Not Getting All of Your 2% Withhold Back in Revenue Starting this October?

How to Use an Onsite Therapy Program to Increase Occupancy in Assisted and Independent Living

From PDPM to PDGM: Home Health in the Hot Seat

New Long Stay Quality Measures (QMs): Unplanned Hospitalizations or Outpatient Observation Stays

PDPM & PDGM: Let's Break Down the Confusion...Pt 2

PDPM & PDGM: Let's Break Down the Confusion...Pt 1

April is Occupational Therapy Month