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August 2017 Advisor Newsletter

Posted on: August 25, 2017

CMS Update: Bundled Payments Cancelled?Quality Measures Revealed: Where Do "QMs" Come From? RCS-1 Myth Busters!  Are You Up On Your BR?

CMS Update: CMS Proposes Cancellation of Bundled Payments

Recent news that CMS may be planning to walk back plans for bundled payment models for cardiac and orthopedic care came on August 17, 2017, amidst mixed responses from the healthcare community.

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Special Edition Advisor - August 2017

Posted on: August 7, 2017

CMS has released two separate communications related to the Pre-Rule 2019, or ANPRM.

ONE: A “financial analysis” demonstrating the impact of RCS-1 as compared to the RUGs-IV system
While the intention of this recently released file was to support CMS claims for a “budget neutral” impact, significant differences (both positive & negative) can be appreciated. (Note: Analyses are available for those included on or before 2014 Medicare Program and assumes no behavior change on the part of providers.)

HealthPRO®/Heritage is strongly encouraging clients to review this CMS “financial analysis” with your RVP or the Clinical Strategies Division as soon as possible! It is critical to assess the potential impact that RCS-1 may have on your community’s bottom line, and – if necessary – begin thinking about and implementing strategic processes to ensure your future success (should RCS-1 be implemented next year).

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