At HealthPRO Heritage, we are called.

Therapy is not just a job, it’s our calling. Because we view our profession as a higher calling, we strive to create environments that support growth and encourage fulfillment for everyone involved – from our therapists, to our clients, to their residents and families. Underneath our job titles and duties, we are connected at a human level and driven to accomplish something beyond ourselves. It’s that shared sense of purpose that motivates and unites our employees, resulting in our retention rate being among the best in the business, positively attributing to our consistency of care.

To take it one step further, we reach out to our clinicians to learn why they pursued a career as a therapist and ask them to describe how they achieve their higher calling every day through their work with HealthPRO Heritage. With all of those responses, we created a poster that we printed to hang in all of our therapy spaces. Here’s a taste of the responses:

"I make a difference in people's lives by helping them regain their independences or becoming independent in a different way to maintain and improve their quality of life."
-B.G., COTA, 26 years of service

"I enjoy the daily interactions with my interesting and diverse patients. The reality is, my patients teach me the ways of the world seen through the different decades of their lives. I am grateful for all the human connections made possible by my profession."
-M.L., M.S. CCC-SLP, 4 years of service

"I find much joy by helping people and empowering others to help themselves discover their strengths and instill confidence in themselves to succeed."
-W.G., OT, 3 years of service

"I build trust with kindness and professionalism and use it to help the patient achieve realistic and meaningful goals to improve the quality of life."
-B.H., OT, 4 years of service