Vision & Values

At HealthPRO Heritage, we have a purpose.

HealthPRO Heritage is one of the largest independently owned, diversified therapy and related service providers in the country. We pride ourselves on being:

  • An indispensable partner to healthcare providers and the residents/patients in their care because we execute truly innovative, redesigned, and patient-centric care, as evidenced by outcomes and fiscal success; and
  • The employer of choice because we allow therapists to exercise clinical judgment without restriction, and in a compliant and ethical environment.

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of the individuals we serve and foster an environment for all to flourish by providing consistent quality care with honesty and integrity.

We are value-driven and determined to operate ethically. HealthPRO Heritage has a reputation for “doing it the right way”. Every day, we encourage our employees to live out our mission by using these core values as a guide: 

Our Core Value of Integrity means:

Operate with honesty • Do what’s right • Be ethical • Assure compliance • Fulfill promises • Be the best • Deliver lasting value

Our Core Value of Compassion means:

Be passionate, attentive, reliable, & supportive • Understand the challenges faced by our clients & those they serve • Proactively communicate • Always follow through • Create strong relationships

Our Core Value of Responsibility means:

Know the financial impact of your actions & decisions • Be responsible & cost effective • Analyze the numbers • Ensure success • Emphasize quality & efficiency

Our Core Value of Innovation means:

Think & plan innovatively • Create new programs • Be groundbreaking, proactive, & open minded • Stay ahead of the curve • Inspire greatness

Our Core Value of Growth means:

Exemplify team work • Provide opportunities – professional & personal • Create a positive environment • Develop programs that foster patient progress

Our Core Value of Dedication means:

Work hard, play hard, enjoy what you do • Do what it takes • Never give up • Be smart • Have fun • Be loyal