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Advantages to Standardizing Therapy & Wellness Partners for Multi-Site Senior Living Organizations

Is it the ideal time to consider standardizing therapy and wellness partners? What strategic and financial advantages exist? RISE Senior Living (a HealthPRO Heritage brand) offers the following top 3 benefits of having one robust partner:
1. Simplify!
Have one partner (with a dedicated “corporate liaison” that serves as a single point of contact) to effectively:
  • Reduce labor time associated with managing multiple vendors
  • Standardize reporting (caseload, functional/clinical outcomes, satisfaction scores, etc.)
  • Assure consistency, drive quality assurance initiatives
  • Participation in monthly, quarterly, annual clinical/QA/strategy meetings
  • Ensure service delivery is optimally aligned with your organization’s culture, processes, expectations, and strategic plans
2. Standardized Clinical and Wellness Programs! 
More sophisticated, effective clinical and wellness services are available to those Senior Living communities with consistent, proactive execution on well-developed, programmatic initiatives, education, resources such as:
  • Roll-up outcomes reporting
  • Progressive protocols to mitigate adverse events, ER visits, and hospitalizations
  • Proactive initiatives that extend the length of occupancy and assure care coordination (as with safe transitions between levels of care)
  • Contributions (e.g., protocols, education, etc.) to address rising clinical acuity and specialty resident populations/diagnoses
  • Option to develop/collaborate on pilot programs
3. Marketing and Occupancy Support!
Market-specific and portfolio-wide resources inclusive of:
  • Success stories and outcomes to share with referral sources, potential new residents, and families
  • Option to custom-brand programs, lectures, and collaterals (e.g., classes, private fitness, wellness consultants, etc.)
  • Market analytics, referral source trends, custom scorecards
As a national provider, RISE Senior Living currently partners with ~450 senior living communities in 43 states. Learn more about partnership opportunities with RISE Senior Living (a HealthPRO Heritage brand).