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An Industry Gut-Check: What's Your PDPM Confidence Level?

Now is the time for our industry to over-communicate!  Put your two cents in, and learn more about what your peers are thinking, feeling, and what’s keeping them up at night, too. 

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A Note from HealthPRO Heritage
As the industry preps today's transition, we want to thank our partners and peers for what has been a herculean effort leading up to today's PDPM launch! 

During the past ~2 years, our team has invested in technology, financial modeling, clinical innovation, education, and proprietary clinical tools/resources (such as our custom-built therapy EMR & proprietary Clinical Utilization Pathways to assure therapist productivity/efficiency produces optimal outcomes under PDPM; our 24/7 TeleMDS Hotline offering unlimited virtual access to subject-matter-experts who triage PDPM questions/offer reimbursement support, analysis, and strategy;  our vital one-of-a-kind PDPM Profiler; and the industry’s first/only SNF PDPM ICD-10 Coding Service).  We are excited for the opportunity to help our therapy and consulting partners leverage success under PDPM & Beyond!

Not a current HealthPRO Heritage client? Please consider this: If your transition does not go as expected, HealthPRO Heritage is well-prepared to help audit your SNF’s performance under PDPM, analyze your future opportunities/risks, and – if needed – empower your team with custom-tailored resources/support to succeed under PDPM & Beyond!

HealthPRO Heritage invites you to stay in touch!  Let’s keep the lines of communication open during these next few weeks to collectively understand the impact of our industry’s biggest change in 20+ years!  Contact us: info@healthpro-heritage.com

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