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Are You Confident in Your Community's Infection Control Process?

After one+ year of facing the threat of COVID-19 outbreaks in their communities, some senior living & skilled nursing operators continue to wrestle with assuring consistent infection control. Why? Consider what unique circumstances may impact your frontline staff & their ability to 'stay the course' on maintaining above-board infection prevention practices.
Keeping It Simple.
Because information RE: COVID-19 continues to change almost daily, frontline staff may benefit from easy-to-access, simplified intel & guidance made available via a centralized resource. Ask: Can updates + guidance be more streamlined for my frontline staff?
Need for Reinforcements?
Staffing challenges (e.g.: under-staffing; burn-out) are likely contributing to infection control missteps. Ask: Can I take something off the plate for my frontline clinicians? Should I refortify my team with additional resources & support?
Special Resident Populations
Assuring resident safety can be especially difficult for those living with dementia or related memory care challenges. Ask: Would my team & residents benefit from specialized resources to help better manage infection control among special populations within my community?
Be Survey Ready
With heightened focus on infection control, is your community self-identifying opportunities and proactively creating a plan to address concerns through the QA process? Ask: Is your team well-prepared for a survey? Would staff benefit from an audit and/or education & competencies to be better prepared?
Seek Out Customized Peer-to-Peer Support
Learn more about onsite/remote infection prevention consulting services. HealthPRO Heritage offers a team of highly-trained, dedicated Registered Nurses certified as Infection Preventionists to:
  • Complete an Infection Prevention Readiness Assessment (complimentary for HealthPRO Heritage partners, $70 for non-partners) to help your organization identify areas of risk, recommend correction strategies, and ultimately avoid penalties/fines.
  • Review this sample proposal and learn more about HealthPRO Heritage's Infection Preventionist RN expert consultants who will identify risks and provide proactive corrective strategies; educate interdisciplinary team & support competencies; develop customized tracking & monitoring systems; prepare your facility to pass survey, & more!
Start Here!
In service to the industry, HealthPRO Heritage Infection Preventionists designed this comprehensive Infection Control Mini-Toolkit. Use this complimentary resource to help develop your own infection control processes aligned with CDC guidelines and recommendations.
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