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Declining Census? Take Action!

The financial viability of LTC providers is being pressure-tested like never before. Many face significant challenges related to COVID-19, including sharp declines in census and increased costs related to PPE, premium labor, and other safety measures. 
 Consider the following statistics: 
  •  In 2020, nursing homes spent an estimated $30 billion on PPE.
  • Nationally, the average percentage of nursing home occupancy has dropped significantly (from 85% in January 2020 to 68.5% in January 2021.) State-specific declines in census are available here.
  • According to the National Investment Center, assisted living community census dropped to a record low (from 85.1% to 77.7% in Q4 2020.) 
  • With ~90% of nursing homes currently operating at a loss, long-term care organizations are fighting a financial crisisReports indicate an $11.3 billion loss in 2020 and a projected loss of $22.6 billion in 2021. 
  • According to AHCA/NCAL, the industry may lose ~$94 billion over a two-year period (2020-2021).
Take Action!
  • AHCA/NCAL is advocating for additional federal government funding. Learn more about the association’s efforts here.
  • Build a proactive “Strategic Work Plan” for census and network development. Providers can invest in resources to execute clinical & strategic initiatives (which should be informed by marketplace data & intel) to stabilize – and even drive – occupancy. Start with the guidance outlined in HealthPRO Heritage's Census & Network Development Toolkit. 
Take advantage of HealthPRO Heritage’s dedicated expert Census & Network Development consultants + abundant resources to help grow occupancy such as:
  • Data analytics highlighting hospital pain points & referral patterns
  • Competitive performance metrics & intel
  • Public relations & communication tools
  • Strategies for inclusion in 'Preferred Provider' networks
  • Home health partners’ performance metrics
  • Marketing collaterals that highlight positive performance outcomes & strategic/clinical initiatives
  • Education for IDT on census & network development strategies & more
  • To learn more about HealthPRO Heritage’s Census & Network Development consulting expertise, click here.

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