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Diverse Resources for Today’s Long-Term Care Challenges

In December, HealthPRO Heritage shared a white paper entitled “Four Questions to Evaluate Your Business Partners,” which provided practical considerations when reviewing current or potential vendor partnerships within the Aging Services industry. As a follow-up, we provide some of HealthPRO Heritage’s solutions to challenges facing long-term care providers today.

Your Challenges
With most industry experts projecting it won’t be until at least 2023 until skilled nursing occupancy returns to pre-pandemic levels, operators are bracing to withstand yet another challenging year. Rising operating costs, labor shortages, wage inflation, and shifting consumer expectations are all contributing to operator concerns. Compounding the situation, staffing minimums are limiting the capacity of sites to accept new patients, even where referrals are plentiful.

So, what is a skilled nursing operator to do? We recommend you look to your consultative and service partners for the resources to succeed in the face of these challenges. If your collaborators aren’t up to the challenge, it may be time to consider a partner that measures their success based on yours.

Our Approach to Providing Solutions
HealthPRO Heritage has harnessed an entire interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts to help communities capitalize on the remaining opportunities and those just emerging. HealthPRO Heritage provides partners leadership as the aging services industry rapidly evolves from a reactive healthcare delivery system to a pro-active, wellness-focused approach that inspires trust and confidence between consumer and provider.

Driving Census & Occupancy (Recovery)
Our Clinical Strategies division of nurses help providers identify their clinical capabilities and enhance their capacity to accept more complex higher acuity patient populations. In doing so and seeking out these high acuity groups, communities have been able to reap the rewards of higher average daily reimbursement rates to counter-act reduced census capacity.

Ensuring Accurate Reimbursement
Getting those complex patients in-house is only half the challenge. Knowing how to substantiate that complexity and accurately capture it on the Initial Medicare Assessment is critical to capitalizing on the upside of the PDPM reimbursement system. Many operators have justifiably focused on infection prevention for almost as long as we have been under PDPM and have yet to fully capitalize on its unique reimbursement drives. HealthPRO Heritage has a dedicated team of RAC-CT nurse consultants who train your nursing team on how to succeed under this incarnation of PPS.

Providing Creative IDT Solutions
Workforce challenges will remain throughout and post-pandemic, which presents an insurmountable barrier to enterprise success. In response, HealthPRO Heritage has created interdisciplinary solutions that can lessen the burden on your nursing team, with outsourced coding, restorative nursing, functional activities programming, and transportation services available.

Building Innovative New Revenue Streams
Consumer expectations are now driving how care is provided. What has your organization done to adapt to these changing expectations? How have your consultative partners recommended you to move forward? HealthPRO Heritage provides partners thought leadership around these changes with forward-facing operators intent on building a better healthcare delivery system.

Whether your enterprise is focused on shifting its capacity to provide for higher acuity patients or implementing CCRC, or SNF-without-Walls programs, HealthPRO Heritage has the experience and the experts to help.

Discover the Benefits of a Strong Solutions Partner
Contact us to learn more about our diverse resources and how our strength can support your organization to navigate an aging services landscape dominated by value-based initiatives and wellness-focused population health services.