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Leveraging Clinical Specialization to Support Caseload Growth

More than ever before, home health agencies need a broad array of clinical programs to attract and effectively manage clinical complexity. And, given the current staffing environment, this can be pretty challenging. However, perhaps one strategic move agencies can make to maintain and grow caseload is to engage a trusted therapy partner to bring specialty programs & expanded skillsets to their overall clinical approach. In turn, this may allow agencies to accept more referrals and expand caseload across payer sources.

One timely example is HealthPRO Heritage at Home’s recently expanded pulmonary program that incorporates a COVID-19 Pathway. This program can help agencies accept referrals based on current need and be ready for the upcoming surge of hospital discharges with post-acute virus needs. 

Beyond the pulmonary pathway, below are the remaining top five HealthPRO Heritage at Home clinical programs that agencies find value in implementing and which can be leveraged in a marketing outreach to agency referral sources. 

  • Falls & Balance: Defying Gravity w/ Otago Exercise
    • Marketing Target = Neurology, Orthopedics, and Primary Care Physician practices.
  • Safe Transitions (minimizing hospitalization & adverse event risk, especially for clinically complex cases)
    • Marketing Target = Primary Care Physician practices, walk-in Clinics, Hospital partners (key aspects medication management, post-surgical or acute illness strengthening, ADLs, etc.)
  • Pain Management
    • Marketing Target = Neurology, Orthopedics, General Surgery Oncology, Pain Clinics, Primary Care Physician practices.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
    • Marketing Target = ENT’s and Neurology practices.
  • Cardio-Pulmonary
    • Marketing Target = Cardiology, Pulmonology, Primary Care Physician practices. 

ICD-10 PDGM Update to Include COVID-19 Diagnoses
Effective, April 1, 2020, CMS has added two additional respiratory diagnoses that are now acceptable with Home Health PDGM (Patient Driven Groupings Model) claims submission as of this date going forward. These include U07.1, COVID-19 and U07.0, Vaping-related disorder. Both of those are new diagnoses that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Center for Health Statics (NCHS) have implemented and assigned to the Medication Management, Teaching, and Assessment- Respiratory (MMTA-Respiratory) clinical group. 

Additionally, U07.1, COVID-18 has been added to a new comorbidity subgroup, Respiratory 10 and will receive the Low Comorbidity adjustment under the PDGM case-mix system. 

HealthPRO Heritage is here to help if additional support is needed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic or in supporting your agency success under PDGM. 

For more information about how HealthPRO Heritage at Home can help, contact homehealth@healthpro-heritage.com

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