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McKnight's Long-Term Care News recently featured an article – "PDPM Has Possibilities" – with input  from HealthPRO Heritage's Hilary Forman, Chief Clinical Strategies Officer and Ian Tucker, VP of Clinical Informatics and Product Management: 





Why HealthPRO Heritage?

“What got you here…won’t get you there.”
– Marshall Goldsmith, Leadership Coach, Author, Business Entrepreneur

Goldsmith captures what may be at the heart of our industry’s collective challenge: SNF operators know they need to initiate courageous changes to fortify their success in the New World of PDPM. Among the many questions they confront: Is my current therapy company ready and equipped to help me prepare, execute, and succeed under PDPM?

With ~7 months until the October 1 transition, SNFs are doing their homework. And rightly so. PDPM will upend the traditional definition of what it means to be a valuable therapy provider. No longer a matter of managing minute thresholds and driving utilization, success will be defined by a community’s ability to grow market capabilities by delivering efficient, high quality, truly resident-centered care. As such, the number of facilities evaluating their current therapy partnerships has dramatically increased. The industry agrees: NOW is the time to consider the advantage of a partner – like HealthPRO Heritage – with an earned reputation for seeing “The Big Picture” of what it takes to be successful in a highly competitive, quality-driven marketplace.

As much a clinical strategy consultant as a progressive therapy partner, HealthPRO Heritage is well positioned for the future. Our proven success is defined by a consistent ability to drive quality outcomes and leverage performance measures on behalf of our clients – even in demanding markets driven by managed care/VPB/ACOs/BCPIs. As PDPM approaches, our clients have a unique advantage. By remaining focused on clinical competencies (Ask us about specialized clinical training) and leveraging a sophisticated, tangible PDPM operating model to drive performance and quality, our customers are favorably positioned to successfully transition to PDPM and continue to differentiate their performance in an ever-increasing competitive environment.

In a time when outcome reporting has never mattered so much, our clients rest-assured: HealthPRO Heritage has been harnessing sophisticated data reporting/analytics via our proprietary tech platform (HealthMAX) for more than 20 years.  Outcomes data, performance metrics, and market analytics empower our boots-on-the-ground regional operations teams, many of whom have advanced MDS certification, to inform strategic decisions and shape clinical care. Because our analytic capabilities run deep (Ask us about our sophisticated “PDPM Crosswalk Modeler” and use of robust “Competitive Scorecards.”), our teams routinely leverage real market opportunities, such as Preferred Partnerships with health system networks and national conveners (Ask us how we’ve been recognized by Remedy Partners). Experts from our Clinical Strategies Division develop meaningful, specialized clinical resources (Ask us about our expansive library of proprietary clinical pathways and programs such as Safe Transitions). By partnering with clients to proactively develop customized Operational and Strategic Work Plans, our interdisciplinary, cross-functional approach is tangible, facilitates real-time communication, and assures support/resource allocation at every level of your care continuum to assure success.

#WeAreReady to guide/support your community before, during, and after payment reform transition occurs.

HealthPRO Heritage has invested extensive resources to understand what payment reform (Also ask us about PDGM, to be implemented January 1, 2010) will mean to our partners, company, and the industry as a whole. We are well prepared to be an integral partner in accelerating customer and staff readiness for these significant changes, while continuing to lead the industry in clinical innovation, and patient-focused outcomes. As one of the nation’s largest post-acute therapy providers, we are privileged to have served this unique industry for more than 20 years, empowering clients with invaluable resources/insights/support to best care for their patients and improve their market position in a changing regulatory environment.

Our clients will continue to thrive in the new world of PDPM. If you’re not already partnered with HealthPRO Heritage, we invite you to talk with us about what we genuinely believe is among the industry’s most innovative and comprehensive plan to support you and your staff for success in 2019 and beyond.

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