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PDPM Success: Out of the Gate!

Nothing could make us happier at HealthPRO Heritage than to see our partners succeed. After an initial evaluation of the PDPM transition, our team is proud to share positive news, optimistic trends, and three important lessons learned...

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  
Alexander Graham Bell’s advice rings true!  For more than 18 months, we’ve been focused on arming clients with PDPM education, consulting, strategy, resources, and tools.  It was also important for us to be among the first to initiate discussions about the customer-aligned  approach to pricing under PDPM. 

HealthPRO Heritage clients are reaping the benefits:
• Patients are achieving as good or, in some cases, better therapy outcomes based on our CMG-aligned  evidenced-based clinical pathways.

• 85% of our partners realized an increase in their Medicare Part A Per Diem based on accurate capture of clinical documentation, coding, and scoring reflecting patient characteristics.   

Given the inherent therapy operating efficiencies available in PDPM, our customer-aligned PDPM pricing methodology, and competitively negotiated rates, the majority of our partners are realizing increased therapy profitability.

Say what you’ll do. Do what you say

HealthPRO Heritage is proud to report that 98% of our therapists remained employed through the PDPM transition. We were committed to retaining our clinicians, because having consistent high-quality therapists means uninterrupted service, care and ultimately optimal clinical outcomes. 

HealthPRO Heritage’s Clinical Operations and Strategy teams continue to invest in building core competencies so therapists are challenged to work at the top of their license and deliver innovative, outcomes-driven treatment interventions (quality vs. quantity). In fact, our therapists have actually adopted clinical pathways and embraced clinically appropriate group & concurrent opportunities more quickly than anticipated (as a result of early and rigorous education). 

Teamwork makes the dream work.   
HealthPRO Heritage is known for our boots-on-the ground style.  Our hands-on approach has meant our consultants and therapists working very closely with facility IDTs and leadership teams the past 18 months.  We appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity to work elbow-to-elbow on the frontline and in the boardrooms to see this transition through. 

"Congratulations HealthPRO Heritage!  While 10/1 was the official Medicare switch to PDPM, the true test was how communities would adjust to all the new processes over the first few weeks and months. I'm happy to report that thanks to HealthPRO Heritage’s leadership and countless hours of planning and training over the last year, all our clinical and administrative teams were ready for the change. And even at 6 weeks into the new system, our teams adjusted to a new norm. They are now operating with a sense of familiarity and comfort because they were ready!!!  Thank you to our Regional Team for leading this massive undertaking. And while it required many people to make this transition a success, you were at the controls making it happen. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to our residents and our mission. Thanks for your leadership in guiding the organization to prep for PDPM. Your effort has made the project so easy for others to transition!"  

– Comments from the President/CEO & COO of a large, mission-based CCRC in HealthPRO Heritage’s Chicagoland Region

How are YOU measuring your PDPM success?
Are you tracking specific performance metrics? What benchmarks are you using to gauge your fiscal and clinical outcomes?  Are the PDPM workflows and strategies you put in place working?  How do you know you are not missing something? 

HealthPRO Heritage can help your team find answers for these important questions.  Contact our experts at 877-508-3237.  Solutions, services & strategy are available inclusive of:

  • PDPM Audits (remote and on-site)
  • MDS / Reimbursement Consulting
  • Healthcare Reform Consulting
  • Therapy Management Services
  • Therapy Consulting for In-House Partnerships
  • Compliance Programming / Consulting
  • Home Health and Senior Living Divisions support a full suite of services & resources, too.