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(Re)Consider the Optimal Therapy Model for PDPM & Beyond!

Decisions. Decisions. Since the industry began wrapping their heads around RCS-1 two+ years ago, SNFs continue to weigh the pros and cons of retaining in-house therapy vs. an outsourced model. Questions arise: What does payment reform mean for SNFs with their own program? Is there a financial or operational advantage to transitioning from full service to in-house or a “managed” in-house model?

HealthPRO Heritage offers a unique perspective.  As therapy operators for 20+ years (and now health care reform consultants, too) we’ve seen it all! As such, we’ve assembled a checklist to summarize key considerations for each therapy model

Savvy SNFs are asking us smart questions about the advantages vs. disadvantages of three of the industry’s most common models and how each will fare under PDPM. We’ve assembled our responses here:

Are you among the many SNF providers still deciding on the future of therapy services under PDPM? Contact HealthPRO Heritage for guidance RE: the best strategic, financial, and operational therapy model for your SNF. Ask about our very different approach to supporting  our portfolio of current therapy and consulting clients for PDPM and Beyond! We are excited about the upcoming changes in our industry, and we want to continue to partner with progressive, pro-active post-acute care providers to optimize quality care and outcomes for seniors. Contact info@healthpro-heritage.com for more specifics. Beyond PDPM... Beyond Therapy... Beyond Ordinary.  

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