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Cash is Tight? Get Your VBP Scores Right!

Value Based Purchasing is here, and HealthPRO Heritage is ready to optimize clinical care & outcomes to position your agency for success. Pairing our analytics with tailored training resources creates a streamlined and targeted approach to ensure success through VBP.

The Total Performance Score (TPS) for each home health agency is determined by data in three areas: OASIS, Claims, and HHCAHPS Survey. HealthPRO Heritage’s expertise in OASIS coding & clinical programming allows for turn-key solutions to drive success for your agency. Check out our blog on value based purchasing for specific scoring guidelines.

Let’s two-step to the case study below.

Step One: Identify the Opportunity

The Home Health Scorecard gives us a side-by-side comparison of quality measures and star ratings with competitive agencies and a market, state, and national benchmark. In the case study below, Agency 7 demonstrates an unfavorable to benchmark rating in “Patients who got better at walking or moving around.”

Step Two: Educate to Improve

After identifying the area(s) that needs improvement, utilizing our OASIS Coding Crosswalk we can connect directly to the item specific resources for OASIS coding support, training materials, and clinical programming to improve performance for any specific item.

In this example, HealthPRO Heritage is able to create success by providing mobile resources and solutions that can be printed, emailed, or texted to clinicians on the go to improve the unfavorable “patients got better at walking or moving around” score.

Item specific video speed training:

M1860 Ambulation-Locomotion

Item specific PDF training resources:

M1860 Ambulation-Locomotion

HealthPRO Heritage is solution focused for all your quality measure needs. For additional support and expert insight regarding Value Based Purchasing, contact HealthPRO Heritage at Home at homehealth@healthpro-heritage.com. We are here to answer questions you may have and provide support to ensure your success in 2023 and beyond.